I like how everyone is talking about their horse having the Spring Sillies and being wild, and I’m over here like “I’m gonna need bigger spurs”.

Cannot horse today, I have the sleepies. Side note: look who’s finally gaining some weight back!

Now that we’ve crossed over into the 80’s for a few days, Henry is in hardcore “OMG it’s too hot to work, I can’t possibly.” mode. Whoa there 8yo OTTB eventer. Whoa there. It won’t be long until it’s in the 90’s and 100’s and he’ll pass into “For real though, I can’t breathe GTF off me.” mode. Yay. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I’ve been riding around all week with my sunroof open and windows down (which is how I ended up with a wasp in my car when I was on the highway). This weather is fantastic if you’re asking me. Henry just doesn’t agree. He liked his rain-induced winter vacation where he got ridden once a week.


On Wednesday I had to do a billion trot to canter transitions just to get him semi-awake. I’m not gonna admit publicly that getting him to canter on that first attempt took a legit pony club kick. I’m also not gonna admit that it was his first ride after 5 days off which makes it extra sad. Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of carrying a whip.

Yesterday there was a cold front, I suppose you could say… this was the weather when I got to the barn for my dressage lesson. Note the wind. And that wasn’t the gusts, just the steady wind.

Henry was slightly more awake, as in I could actually get him to canter. Meanwhile, I almost got blown right off of him a couple times. But the second dressage lesson of the year is in the books, with only two more weeks before our first HT. I sent off my entry for the second one yesterday so everyone say buh-bye money.

Which is really sad, because this weekend there’s the Dover tent sale (which I’ll probably skip because I hate Dover), the new tack shop by my house is having a big sale/event, and I’m making a day trip to a show in Houston to check out all the new stuff in the Luxe EQ mobile. Danger, danger! I must try to exercise some restraint. I mean… at least a little restraint…

But I need one!


16 thoughts on “Comatose

  1. yea it was briefly in the 70s here as a thunderstorm pushed all the heat and humidity up from further south and the horses just… couldn’t haha. so we just trail rode instead..

    hope the dressage lesson went well!


  2. What is the sale/event this weekend at the tack shop by your house? I’m interested!! Also random question- Which monogram did you get from Personally Preppy for your Roekls? Can’t seem to find a specific one for gloves.


  3. It’s 95 here today and I’m really not happy about it. Back to evening riding for me I guess. On another note, Henry is looking fabulous decked out in all the dressage things. I think you about have me sold on the PS of Sweden bridles, I’m liking how they look more and more. Now if I can just get the SO to agree that I ended one.

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  4. I loooooove your blog. Used to catch up every couple weeks but finally broke down and subscribed today.

    In Pennsylvania we were in the 40s and pleased with that, but today woke to teens and snow covering the yuck that dominates March here. Not to worry, rain returns tomorrow….

    Keep up the wit, charm and great information. You’re a wonderful writer.


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