Weekend recap: wrap it up

Saturday morning marked the end of the 9 day stint of barn sitting. I feel like this whole month has been a blur, since for the first three weeks of it I was only home for 2 days. When I got home Saturday afternoon I basically collapsed in a heap and didn’t move the rest of the weekend. I’ve been battling a sinus infection turned bronchitis since I got back from Belgium, laying awake half the night coughing, so I needed the R&R. I also decided it was a good time to go back and watch the first 3 seasons of The Walking Dead (I started watching at season 4) and let me tell you… jamming that much zombie apocalypse into a day and a half messes with your head a little. My dreams have been weird.

Otherwise it’s been a quiet few days. Mostly because of this, which came through on Friday/Saturday.

Sigh. I know we need the rain but does it all have to come at once? Hopefully everything dries out enough to be rideable again by Wednesday. We’re now less than 3 weeks from horse trial #1 of the year and not being able to ride very much isn’t exactly leaving me with warm fuzzies about it.

He is unconcerned.

I also decided to switch Henry’s feed. He’s been very slow to put weight back on (really he hasn’t gained much at all) and I think he needs something that packs a little more punch, so on to Triple Crown Complete he goes. I’ve been really happy with the TC products in the past and I like how good the Complete is for ulcer prone horses, so we’ll see how he does. I’m tired of seeing ribs.

It also occurred to me that I never really shared Barn Kitty Farrah from the place I was barn sitting. I’m not generally a cat fan, but she’s pretty adorable.

Deez your boots? Nope, mine now.
Dis my hay bed. You can’t haz.

Happy Monday everyone! Sometime this week hopefully I’ll have time to finally put together all my stuff that I have for sale. I’d still like to let most of it go in a package deal to minimize my headache, if anyone is interested. It’s mostly dressage tack but I’ll have some breeches to sell separately too I think. I want to clean out most of what I don’t wear before the new ADE collection comes out.

My shirt today. Because Monday.

33 thoughts on “Weekend recap: wrap it up

  1. I love Triple Crown feeds (my wide load QH is on Triple Crown lite, shhhh he doesnt realize it :)) and has been for almost 2 years. I love that it gives him what he needs and he doesnt realize he doesnt get too much of it!

    And I love the tshirt I cant do tanks but would love it as a reg tshirt šŸ™‚ It is so true.

    Love the kitty too. Barn kitties are the best….

    hope you feel better soon!


  2. Have you ever tried Cool Calories? My trainer uses it frequently with her OTTBs when they seem to have trouble keeping good weight. Packs on the lbs without the crazies!


    1. I used it for a while on a couple other horses and never cared for it much. I’d rather have a higher quality feed with better nutrition than add a fat supplement.


  3. That’s a lot of Walking Dead all at once. I stopped after the first season because a. Weird dreams and b. Violent horse and dog death seemed eminent.


  4. I also binge-watched the first three seasons and yeah, it will mess you up. I became obsessed with trying to decide how I would protect Tucker from zombies and how well we would survive on our farm in the event of zombies and where would get ammo and food from. Also I love that bridle. Almost put Tucker on TC complete this winter and decided to try TC senior first. Let us know what you think of the complete!


  5. Hey! Have you looked into adding aloe Vera juice to his grain? I have a few on it, and it has done wonders for ours for different reasons. I have 2 that get colicky at the change of the weather (literally), since adding 60cc of aloe juice twice a day to their diet, we had no episodes throught the winter! when I was researching it, there was some studs at using it for horses with ulcers. Anyway, I get it at HEB where the protein supplements are and a jug is like 6.50. It lasts 5 horses days. Anyway, look into it. I had a friend that has a horse with head shakers, and after trying everything else, some research she had done said to try aloe and it worked for her horse!


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