Hot or Not? Clothing edition

One of my favorite things about the first few months of the year is seeing all the new collections roll out from various clothing brands. Sometimes there’s brilliance and awe, sometimes there are raised eyebrows and gagging. In the spirit of Fun Friday, let’s play a little game of Hot or Not.

Kingsland Anna show coat – pink fuchsia

Fior da Liso Daria show shirt – Hibiscus. Obviously meant for dressage or eventing folk, with the stock tie. And more pink.

Denim anyone? How about about Le Fash’s upcoming light grey denim City breeches?

Asmar is rocking some pink too with their new Punch color, but they also added Sunshine to their City Jacket color options

As long as we’re on the subject of color, Annie’s brought the Papaya for spring.

WordPress seems to have temporarily permanently eaten the poll for this one so you may or may not ever see it here again. I have no idea, I give up. Move along.

Eeeeeverybody’s on board the sticky butt trend, and judging by their Caja Grip breeches, Cavallo apparently likes red this season. They come in yellow and light pink too if you’re feeling particularly Eastery, but I won’t do that to you.

Kastel is going two-toned with their new Charlotte Studio Collection, coming soon…


Horze sees your trend of colored breeches with tan patches and does the reverse. Rebelz.

Equiline’s Gait show coat is is available in Bordeaux

Lotus Romeo goes for the subtle approach to detailing on their new blouses.

Yet another unique coat, Valentine Equine added some lace side panels to their upcoming Hollywood Jacket.

And last but not least, Roeckl just wants you to have some really fun hands.

45 thoughts on “Hot or Not? Clothing edition

  1. This is great! As I get older I definitely am more conservative, but I am SO madly in love with Annie’s papaya breeches! And that Bordeaux show jacket is definitely gorgeous! Now I just need all the monies…


  2. I snorted aloud at “Bord-NEAUX”. Thanks for that. 😉 Also, I do like black gloves. I can’t imagine how horrifyingly busy my hands would look in those bright atrocities!

    Also, omg. Lace coat. BE MINE


  3. Those magenta Roeckls are MINE. I love the Kingsland jacket, but you better be a badass if you’re walking into the jumper ring with that on.


      1. No, right? An actual badass. Like if your horse’s name is Cedric or Vindicat badass (not that I can see either rider in that coat irl but you know what I mean).


  4. I’m just a big lover of neutrals (see my school wardrobe- black and grey, going out clothes- black), but that bordeaux jacket NEEDS to get in my closet RIGHT.NOW.


  5. The only things that made me cringe were the hot pink coat and the gloves. I’m not saying that I absolutely love everything on here, just that most didn’t make me want to curl into a fetal position and hide my eyes. I love the Le Fash breeches, the Equiline coat, the Asmar jacket, and the Lotus Romeo shirt!


  6. i like some of the colors but not sure i would wear them. but love the reverse breeches, the yellow coat, and skittle colored gloves. 🙂


  7. My problem was trying to decide whether I should vote based on whether I’d wear it (no in every case except the Horze breeches) or whether I think it would look cute on someone else (a mixed bag). I went with the latter, because I’m way too boring to get to make decisions.


  8. I’m not a fan of regular denim breeches, but darn those grey denim! With those gloves? Hubba hubba.

    (Also tried of Asmar’s riding coats – so functional and awesome! Prefer the punch or plaid colour to yellow though)


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