Weekend Recap: moving onward and upward

It was moving weekend! But that didn’t happen til Sunday, we have two other days to cover first. Friday was a wet and yucky day (a few random snowflakes actually came from the sky at one point. Tuesday it was 80, Friday it snowed, Sunday it was 75. Seriously Texas?) so no riding happened. I did have happy hour with some horse friends though, one of which was Karen of Bay with Chrome, who wrote an AWESOME post about why horse friends are better than normal people friends. She gets it.

Saturday morning was spin class followed by a swim. In light of Tracy’s post last week about fitness goals I decided to start keeping a calendar of my activities so I can track it better. She did it as “Weigh-in Wednesday” but I figured I’ll just post it every Monday in my weekend recap so it’s less intrusive, and I’m not tracking my weight, just my activities for fitness purposes. You’ll probably have to click on the picture to make it easy enough to read, I couldn’t find a way to make the text bigger. But at least if I post it here weekly I have hundreds of eyewitnesses to reprimand me if I start slacking off. Go ahead, shame away. I didn’t bother to try to remember things well enough to go further back and fill it in, but everything starting from the 18th will be logged going forward.


After the gym Brandy and I went to a tack sale where I scored all this awesome loot for a total of $3!!! Not gonna lie, I’m very excited about my $1 bottle of Microtek shampoo. I love that stuff and it’s normally $20+ a bottle. And Quick Braid is $10! And my little Loopa bath mitt still has the $8.95 price tag on it! And there’s always a need for a baggie of black rubber bands. Total score, I wish I’d had more cash with me so I could have bought more. I want to go to a tack sale every weekend.

I spent the afternoon cleaning all my stuff and packing, figuring out how the heck to condense two giant lockers full of stuff into just a tack trunk and a couple of racks in the new tack room. For the record – I figured it out, but it took a lot of creative maneuvering. Basically I have a lot of stuff.

all mine. #sorrynotsorry

Then I rushed home to make a sopapilla cheesecake for a cycling club party that night. By this point I was so tired I might have just been sleepwalking, but at least the cheesecake was a hit. I mean… anything with cream cheese, sugar and cinnamon as the main ingredients is guaranteed to be a success.

So many noms.

While at the party, chit-chatting with people about plans for the year, the subject turned to my upcoming visit to Philly this weekend. There was a joke made about the weather, at which point I realized I hadn’t yet looked at the forecast. So into my Weather Channel app I went, and lets just say this Texan was HORRIFIED. I immediately took a screen cap and sent it to my friend Megan, who I’m going to Philly with. In case you Northerners have ever wondered what would happen if a couple of Southerners were faced with a real winter (or really, the mere suggestion of a real winter), I present to you:



Today it looks like the snow chances have gone down a bit for the weekend so maybe there’s hope I’ll live through the experience after all. Of course, by the sound of the forecast today and tomorrow there will likely be a foot of snow on the ground when I’m there. I’ve never seen more than a few inches at a time, so this is a new one for me. My Chicago native SO had to explain it all to me last night. I didn’t know you could drive on it. Huh. Fascinating.

On Sunday I was up and at the barn early to get all of my stuff loaded into Brandy’s truck and get the boys ready to move. She and Auto moved with us, so luckily Henry gets to keep his BFF.

Into the trailer they went…

and just a short drive to the new place. They were welcomed with a stall full of hay and some cookies waiting for them in their feed bucket (the barn owner bought all blue buckets for Henry’s stall since all of our stuff is blue… how adorable is that? And a nameplate to match, too!). Henry of course instantly approved, and after a short look around settled right into his main business of hoovering hay.

I have to say, for the first time in months I feel like I can finally breathe. I don’t have to tailor my life around getting to the barn at feeding time every day anymore so I can throw him more hay, and I know that he always has plenty of clean water and someone keeping a close eye on him all the time. I know the new barn owners well, and they’re so diligent and take such fantastic care of the horses. Really it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to have him there. Just in the few hours I was out yesterday he’d already gotten more hay than he would have had in an entire day at the old place. Now that he will always have something in his belly hopefully between that and the ulcer meds he’ll be back to 110% soon. He’s already put a little bit of weight on just in the last few weeks from me tossing him a couple extra flakes a night, so fingers crossed that he gets his bloom back quickly now with proper food and nutrition. Plus I got a text message last night saying that the boys were both eating, drinking and pooping normally. So nice to have updates, especially unprompted ones!

After we got the boys settled in we went on a Walkabout, but we’ll save those pictures for tomorrow…

OH – and for those who asked, here’s a better picture of Henry’s butt heart!


44 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: moving onward and upward

  1. So happy that the move went well!

    Your posts about snow crack me up lol. I am in NY, where we are currently expecting 2 to 3 feet of snow to come down tomorrow. But hey at least we get SNOW DAYS here! (silver lining)


  2. I tried to warn you last nite re the weather up here. If you have a winter coat i suggest you wear it or carry it on the plane. You will need it.

    Lows of 10 at nite this weekend and 20’s high. Balmy 30’s on Friday when you arrive! 🙂 HEE. it was 50 here yesterday and now it is snowing its butt off outside. We are calling for 6-12 inches today into tomorrow. PHL is supposed to get 12-18 inches so some will still be here for you to look at when you arrive I am pretty sure! Hee.

    Glad Henry is all moved. Which place is this again? He looks happy! And yes it is amazing when they have excellent care again, weight off your back I am sure.


  3. 2 degrees feels like your skin is freezing off of your face. We had temps in the negative teens last year and I thought I was going to die. As someone who was raised in Texas and forcibly moved to PA, I know your anxiety well haha 😛


    1. Glad your guy is happy! Thanks for posting the pic of the church. I miss texas (and that NS Church road too). Hope both guys are happy in their new homes (looks like they will be!). What a relief!


  4. Yay new happy barn! Yay HAY! Yay for you coming to PA and suffering in the snow along with the rest of us… bwahahaha. Looking forward to meeting you as long as the Abominable Snow Monster doesn’t eat you. 😉


  5. 1. Thanks, lady! You get it, too, of course 🙂 2. Henry looks cozy and happy in his new place, and 3. WANT SOPAPILLA CHEESECAKE. Did not know that was a thing.


  6. I’m sure someone has already suggested this, but make sure to wear a lot of layers when you are up north. Multiple tank tops, wear breeches under jeans if needed, etc… it helps if you are going to be outside for any length of time!


  7. Your texts are hilarious! We’re in the middle of winter storm Juno right now and there are at least 2-3 snow days in it for me. 🙂 If only I could get out to the barn on these days off of school.


  8. The key to cold weather (from someone who grew up in Alaska), spend as little time outside as possible. Wear layers, a hat and gloves if you have them. If you can warm up your vehicle, it helps a little to not have to get into a freezing cold vehicle. Also, be careful of what shoes you wear. Some shoes might as well be ice skates if it’s at all slick on the sidewalks. But, being in a city they should hopefully have the sidewalks cleared and salted. Have fun!!!!


  9. that cheesecake looks amazing!! so glad the boys are settled in well – nothing beats peace of mind! and hopefully you enjoy your philly trip despite the cold 😉


      1. I feel the need to share this with you because you’re the only person I have heard of lately who wants a Devoucoux Milady saddle… This link came across my FB. I’m a strictly hunter girl so not my cup o tea!!

        Devoucoux Milady monoflap 17 1/2 Dressage Saddle – Med tree
        15 inch (approx) flap length, 6 1/2 wide at buttons, 9 inches at tree point, approx 19″ total from front of knee rolls to cantle.
        Very good to excellent condition, original billets in very good to excellent condition.
        Would easily fit a high withered TB. I had it on my TB who fits it perfect in the withers and shoulder but unfortunately it is a little too long on his abnormally short back as it sits past his last rib and giving him a sore back. (according to my saddle fitter)
        It is very very comfortable and I am very sad it doesn’t fit him as I wouldn’t sell it otherwise.
        Fully paid trials for no more than 2 weeks permitted or trailer your horse to my farm and ride in it.
        If you have any other questions please ask
        Located in Plattsville, ON (near Kitchener/Cambridge/Woodstock)
        Asking $1900 (they are $5500 new)

        If I could figure out to send you the link I would.. Go to the Ontario Horse Tack for Sale page on FB…


  10. Just be glad you won’t be in New England today/tomorrow, where we’re expecting 2+ feet of snow. For the record, you have not experienced cold until you walk outside and start sniffing through your nose, because the snots instantly freeze to your nose hair just from stepping outside. That’s cold. Also, no matter how cold you are don’t immediately jump into a steaming hot shower till your body is room temperature. It will hurt.


  11. Glad the move went well!

    As for the snow – if you really want to be a true eventer…you will be out there riding in that snowmeggadon…you know you want to…


  12. Man, I can sympathize with how much a barn move can affect your quality of life, not to mentions your horse’s. I’m glad it’s going well for you!

    And I hope the weather doesn’t treat you too badly either – I hate the cold and snow SOSOSOSOSO much so I can’t imagine how horrible it is for someone who isn’t used to it O.O


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