2015 goals and plans

To be honest I am really hesitant to write this post because generally I don’t like making yearly goals. I think life has a way of changing things a lot and sometimes just because we didn’t meet a goal doesn’t mean we weren’t successful. But, on the other hand, maybe if I have a list in writing and a bunch of people to help hold me accountable I will be more motivated to try harder in all respects, whether or not I actually meet the goals. So in the spirit of trying something new, here we go…


Qualify for AEC’s – This is the #1 goal. I feel like it IS attainable but it’s far from easy or guaranteed. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Score below 35 in dressage AND finish on that score – I feel like we’re reaaaaally close to this, I just need to ride smarter.

Get an actual, honest to god stretchy trot circle from Henry – he is the chief of the Stiffasaboard tribe. There was that one time we got like 5 kinda stretchy steps. That one time.

Score a 7 or above on our free walk – so far we’re pretty darn consistent with our score of 5. Why? See above. We have a long way to go until we get to 7, but if we can bring that one score up we’d be in pretty decent shape.


Stop being such a pansy about the down banks – Seriously, I dunno why I’ll jump pretty much any stupid thing you tell me to, but point me at a little wussy down bank and I forget how to ride. That’s a mental issue for me and I need to get over it.

Be more fit – I put this as a horse goal because I really want to be more fit for my horse, but it’s a personal goal as well. I started at the gym a couple weeks ago and have done pretty well so far. I’d like to commit to at least 4 days a week of some kind of workout (mostly spinning or swimming) and 5 days a week of riding (weather permitting of course). It’s not about looks  – although that’s a perk – or a certain number on the scale, it’s about being a better more capable partner for my horse. It’s not fair to expect great acts of athleticism from him when I’m not strong and fit too, and making excuses or whining about it helps no one. You can’t call it a sport if you’re not in shape, and you can’t expect to get better if you don’t put in the effort. Time to get off my butt and DO WORK.

Keep Henry happy and healthy – There is some body work in store for him this year (maybe that’ll help downgrade his Stiffasaboard tribe status?), and I’m going to continue keeping him on the Pentosan. Also looking to weasel into getting him a turnout buddy so he can be ridiculous and come in with lots of bite marks, but have a good time playing. I think he misses having a turnout buddy.

Improve my attitude toward dressage – Ok this one might not be possible.

Get a 4-legged bun in the oven – C’mon Jezabel, get pregnant! Momma needs a 2015 Valentino Z baby. Preferably a filly. Preferably with a stripe or a star and a snip. Definitely bay or brown or black. Details.

A carbon copy of the 2010 model would be super



Be more appreciative of my awesome SO – He’s great, and I should tell him that more often.

Be less selfish – I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older, but it’s always a work in progress.

Continue to always be as honest and transparent as possible while still being as kind as possible – There’s nothing I hate more than people who are fake, but sometimes my honesty can come across as meanness. Gain tact, keep honesty.

Travel more – come on, BELGIUM and FRANCE!

Get at least one more tattoo – It’s been a year and I still haven’t extended my quarter sleeve to a half sleeve. Time to get on that… and get another one added to the collection.

Compete in at least 2 triathlons and place in the top 3 – 2012 really was my “year of the triathlon”… I only did a few in 2013 and one in 2014. But I kinda miss it, and they keep me motivated to stay fit and active, so adding a couple to my list sounds like a good idea.


Move to my own domain name. – It’s happening sooner than you think. I hope.

Roll out a more polished, clean look. – No more basic template with blurry banner pictures. Make it end.

Keep staying true to my original intentions. – Be as forthright as possible, be reliable, and always speak what’s on my mind even if it’s a tough subject. People won’t always agree with you, and it’s just not possible for everyone to like you, but as long as you have integrity people will always respect you. I think one of the worst things we can do as bloggers is to censor ourselves to the point of becoming automatons. We have the luxury of a built in audience – something most people do not. We should use it as an opportunity to speak up when the situation arises. I want to do that more.


As far as specific shows, it never seems to go according to plan, but this is what the year is shaping up to look like so far:

January 11 – Candy Cane Eventing Derby

March 27-29 – USEA HT at Texas Rose

April 11 – USEA HT at Pine Hill

May 1-3 or May 16-17 – USEA HT at Greenwood or Circle T

June 6-7 – USEA HT at Texas Rose

If we haven’t qualified for AEC’s by then I will instead change focus and move up to Novice at schooling events. Plus I’ll be pretty much out of money anyway.

Here’s to a great 2015!


31 thoughts on “2015 goals and plans

  1. Great goals! A lot of your personal ones are things I want to work on this year, too. The great thing about blogging is having others to stay accountable to when just being lazy and copping out would be SO much easier. Cheers! I think you and Henry have a shot at AEC’s!


  2. good lord. i’m just going to go hide in the corner. my goals are to help you get hens a TO buddy, and to see you at spin class! also, i’ll groom for you at AECs.


  3. These are AWESOME goals! I have a similar problem with the free walk and need to make improving it a priority, but I forgot while I was making my goal list lol (I guess I can make amendments?). I completely agree on your sentiments about being fit as well – you are a badass btw for doing triathlons! I just wan to maybe do a 5k this year… Can’t wait to follow along with you for 2015 😉 I will totally be living vicariously through you when you get to the AECs!


    1. I think amendments to the new years goal list are allowed through midnight Jan 1. 😉 And triathlons are not as tough as you think, especially the sprint distances. My knees/ankles don’t hold up to running very much so triathlons are great cross-training, and the swimming/biking is much easier on your body. A 5k is a totally do-able goal!


  4. Woop fab goals!

    If I’m not being too intrusive please tell us more about your tattoos! I am dying to get another one too, a horse themed one this time, preferably some sort of moment of K & N…I’ve been trying to think up a design which would incorporate their bit(s) or something – but i am so woefully unartistic it is pathetic!!!


    1. I just have a horse head sketch on my hip and my quarter sleeve Narnia themed piece on my right arm. I want to extend it to a half sleeve and add a quote on my ribs. I’d like something on my left forearm too, I just haven’t decided what.


            1. Yep, that’s what it’s from. Just had to sneek Reepicheep and the Dawn treader in there, and also Hogwarts in the back. Because if Hogwarts was in Narnia, that would be AWESOME. Also, I’m a nerd.


  5. Hopefully one of us readers can help you with you blog goals by giving you a fancy new logo! I sent my entries in yesterday and can hardly wait until the new logo is revealed! One of my personal goals this year is to be more patient- I am not doing well thus far…lol


  6. My goal is year is also to qualify and compete at the AEC’s! I hope to see you around area 5 shows! Good luck this year.


  7. love your goals and am SUPER excited to watch your progress with Henry!! i don’t really love dressage either… but i DO kinda love what it does for our jumping, so there’s that…

    anyways, good luck and happy new year!!


  8. I think you have some great goals for 2015! I’ve really enjoyed finding and reading your blog, and Henry is one of my favorites. I especially love your last goal, about staying true to who you are as a blogger. I think sometimes, bloggers can get lost in obsessing over numbers and page views and trying to please everyone, but your honesty and (sometimes) blunt delivery is why I really enjoy your writing so much 🙂


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