Blog stats – 2014 year in review

Year in review isn’t quite accurate since I just started blogging in mid-May, so I guess more like a half year review. I didn’t start this blog with the intention of being a big time blogger or with a focus on pulling in big numbers or lots of readers. I still don’t have any desire to go “big time” but it’s interesting to see how the numbers break down. To be quite honest, it boggles my mind. It’s a good reminder of just how many people some random little slice of the internet can reach, and how many eyes really do see what we have to say. And of course if nothing else, it tells me a lot about you guys – who you are, what you like, and what you want to read about. So here goes:


The PS of Sweden bridle post got just over 2,300 views and continues to get more daily. Otherwise y’all really like reviews and sales, with a little bit of me and Henry thrown in. Duly noted and I concur.


It was pretty close between all the Small Business Spotlights, but One Horse prevailed.



71 countries?!?!? I want to know who all of you are!



Mostly due to PS of Sweden sharing my bridle review post on their facebook page. Begin influx of Swedes.

blogstatsreferrersNever underestimate the power of the Google search. Or a facebook share. Or the omnipotent SprinklerBandit.


Bridles, bonnets, belts, and breeches. The four B’s.

To be honest I’m kind of amazed I actually stuck with the blogging thing. A lot of the credit goes to y’all… I have no idea why some of you come here on regular basis to read my verbal diarrhea, but thanks for the support. It’s nice to have a place to vent, chronicle my adventures with Henry, explore new brands/products, and bounce ideas off a wide group of people. Some of which have even turned into good friends… who’d have thought? Here’s to an equally fun 2015!

23 thoughts on “Blog stats – 2014 year in review

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your blog, particularly in my not-so-horsey year. If ever I make it to your neck of the woods, I definitely must meet you and the Henry pants. 🙂


  2. Amanda, you are a terrific writer: clear, concise, and always interesting. Glad it’s been a good year for you, as YOU have made it an excellent year for MangoBay! Looking forward to following your career in Eventing, and here’s to a wonderful 2015!


  3. SO GLAD you started the blog, because yours is one of my all-time favorite “must read on a daily basis” blogs! I love how you write, and I’ve found some great companies through$900FBP. Really happy for your amazing stats, can’t wait to see you guys kick ass next year! 🙂


  4. I love your blog! You’re so funny and a great inspiration for real, working,a mature riders! I’m also in area V and I want to qualify for AECs this year. I hope to actually meet you at a show or schooling event in our area! Here’s to a great 2015.


  5. Woop, I am delighted to have stumbled across your slice of the Internet. I cannot now remember how I got here, but i love it & am never leaving. Please keep on blogging, I love all your adventures & reviews. I have learnt so much through stalking *ahem* following your awesome blogposts.


  6. Love your blog, even when rambling you still get to the point and use lots of pictures. You are also very conversational in the way you write so it kindof feels like a tackroom convo, which are the best! Laughing about the omnipotent SB and the fact that us bloggers apparently love ‘stuff’ ‘swag’ ‘sweet deals’ etc.


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