What Henry’s getting for Christmas

I figured it’s ok to post this since he doesn’t have thumbs and therefore is unlikely to access the Internet and ruin his surprise.

1. Coggins/yearly shots! You might be thinking “That’s an awful present” but you have to look at it from Henry’s point of view. A) He gets lots of treats. B) He gets a couple days off. Definite win.


2. New blankets! Since the other ones don’t really fit him right, and these were on crazy good sale. Hopefully this eases our shoulder rub issues. He got a new sheet:

Free Runner Turnout Rain Sheet Royal Blue with Sand
And a new lightweight blanket:

His clothes don’t match, but I don’t think he cares.

3. New dressage bridle and fancy browband from PS of Sweden. Ok I’m probably more excited about this than he is but it’s so pretty. My preciiooousss. Even more exciting, they should be here today. Not that I’m stalking UPS or anything.

And the two things that will definitely top Henry’s list:

4. A bucket of NickerMakers. He loves these gross cheap things, so who am I to say no?

5. A special Christmas Day bran mash. Because he’s spoiled rotten.


What is your horse getting for Christmas?






46 thoughts on “What Henry’s getting for Christmas

  1. I’m a terrible horse owner and Dino doesn’t get Christmas presents. Because he’s a pony and he has no concept of holidays or gift giving. I tell people that he gets a place to live and food to eat for Christmas. Max, however, does get presents because it’s hilarious to watch him open them, and also they end up being cat toys that cost 50 cents because he’s a weirdo. Does that make me a bad mom who plays favorites?!


    1. The dogs each have two presents under the tree and two stockings, plus one joint present. I have zero self control at Christmas, as my secret santa will soon find out.


      1. If I had more funds I would probably have less self-control, but alas, the critters are on the very BOTTOM of the Christmas gift list for me! Your dogs must be SO EXCITED. Do they try to prematurely open their prezzies? I can’t leave Max’s under the tree or else he eats them.


        1. The only thing under the tree right now is their blankets. The fun stuff is hiding in a closet… theyre pretty good about keaving it alone but im not taking chances.


  2. ….I thought it was normal to stalk UPS 😉
    Since I don’t have a poneh, I’m treating myself to lots of things for Christmas! Most notably, those Dublin River Boots that I’ve been lusting after for over a year.


  3. I love love love that bridle. Ooohhhh. So far I picked up a bag of my guys favorite treats that I never splurge on. It was expensive for the little bag but I don’t like feeding a ton of treats anyways and it was in a christmas bag…so adorable.. I’m hoping to pick up a new saddle pad maybe.


  4. My leased horse is getting a big bucket of Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy buns and a new bridle to match the dressage saddle I bought.

    My dog, cat and gerbils all get presents. It’s just a mix of their favorite treats and a couple of new toys. On a random note I bought my cat this hexabug toy, it’s a battery operated bug that crawls across the floor with a feathered tail. I figure if she’s obsessed with the ladybugs that crawl on the window screens she is going to love having a bug inside to play with.

    All of my animals are incredibly spoiled.


  5. Foster is getting these lovely chiropractic sessions that are stealing all my money.. But I am thinking once post-Christmas sales start happening he is going to get new blankets with hood attachments (because of course my current blankets don’t have loops for attaching necks) thanks to his fun habit of dragging his head and neck through the mud. Every day. Which means he gets a new halter too!

    Are there any blanket sales you can pass along?


  6. that browband is so perfect – very subtle bling and color! spoiling the ponies is my favorite 🙂 Isabel will get lots of trail rides and candy canes — and meanwhile i’m hiding my wallet bc it’s been misbehaving lately lol…


  7. The Bat gets all my new tack that I’ve acquired, plus lots of cookies and I think a few days off.
    I really like the bridle
    Can I take it


  8. My horse gets carrots and licorice… Because as much as I’d love to buy him presents in the form of new tack, or that bib to stop rubs that he needs badly, I have two children already. So the poneh is at the bottom of the gift list. At least he get something tho – I don’t think the dog ever gets actual presents unless the left-over ham bone counts!

    bonita of A Riding Habit


  9. Murray is getting an EcoGold Flip Half Pad!! And possibly a new bit (Stubben EZ Control for dressage), but we’ll see about that one. I am SUPER jealous about your PS of Sweden bridle. But I’ll be able to afford one of those one day…. one day.


  10. My horse would’ve gotten something, if he hadn’t just costed me $440 in injections! So, I guess him feeling good is his Christmas present.


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