Weekend recap: back to life, back to reality

I really hope you have that song stuck in your head now, because I do, and misery loves company.

Coming back to real life after vacation is always a little sad. We got back on Thursday evening and spent all day Friday cleaning and rushing around making food/getting the house ready for a Halloween party that we were hosting. Note to the world: don’t wait until Halloween morning to buy decorations and stuff. Apparently the stores seem to think it’s appropriate to take all Halloween paraphernalia down a couple days beforehand and all I could find was CHRISTMAS stuff. What the hell. So our decorations were pretty sad, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway. Last year I was a surfer and my dog Stewie was a bloody shark… this year I was Elliot and he was ET.

On Saturday I was up early, driving a couple hours away to a horse trial to volunteer as a XC jump judge. The weather was beautiful (Ahhhh, November in Texas) so it was a pretty darn pleasant day alone in the woods with my walkie talkie and clipboard.

Trainer through my jump, in her young horse’s Training level debut. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154767999570641&l=3032518540487000601 

Sunday I was FINALLY free so off to the barn I went. I hadn’t seen Henry in a week and it was way too long. I missed that goofy boy. He also seems to think that he’s preparing for a Canadian winter, because he’s regrown a lot of coat already. Sigh. Looks like I’ll be clipping again in the next week or two.

Fluffy but cute

A couple of goodies came while I was gone… his new PS of Sweden wool quarter sheet and the voucher for a free set of FlexSleeves that we won at the eventing derby in September. We tried the quarter sheet on (perfect! it’s so preeeeetty) and measured him for his FlexSleeves (navy mediums headed our way). Once it’s actually cold enough to use the quarter sheet I’ll review it but the initial impression is that I’m pretty darn happy with it, especially considering how cheap it was.

PSqs1 PSqs2

Then I came home and did something pretty monumentous:


Yup, we entered a recognized USEA event. Now begins 3 weeks of fretting about every single thing (what do you mean there’s no 21 day forecast?) and trying to make sure we’re as ready as possible. It’s just BN so I feel like it’s well within our ability, but you never know with horses. Fingers crossed pony and I keep ourselves together and that the weather, which has been awful the past couple years for this event, does not suck.

And now – back to work. Boo.

20 thoughts on “Weekend recap: back to life, back to reality

  1. First, LOVE your costume!
    Second, Henry looks so regal in that gorgeous quarter sheet. Navy is definitely his color.
    Third, CONGRATS on registering for your recognized HT! Soooooo excited for you, you and Henry are going to kick butt!
    Fourth, Monday sucks.


  2. YES WHY THE SONG!! Ok that quarter sheet is awesome….because it has no front. Need to look into this. Also, congrats and good luck at your event – you will kill it!


    1. I got it when it was on sale for $60 shipped, regular price is closer to $80 I think? Still a pretty fair price for a fancy wool quarter sheet with a super cool and practical design.


  3. That quarter sheet looks beautiful on him! And what a steal of a deal it was!!!
    Also, I love the costume!
    And lastly, cannot wait to hear about USEA event recap!


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