The Derps are genetic

While I was digging manically  browsing through the Internet a couple weeks ago desperately looking for pictures of Henry’s sire, I came across a couple of tiny photo collage proofs from his Oaklawn wins. I just about died of hysterical fits of the giggles when I saw these pictures. Meet Henry’s sire Skeet.


That is my Henrypants EXACTLY. I have so many pictures just like that.


There you have it guys – the Derps are definitely genetic. This proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Also big round fat butts. Those too are genetic.

Dat azz.


The apple bottom didn’t fall far from the tree



Another fun note – I may or may not have picked up an XC vest on ebay yesterday, in case I ever actually get to take Henry out. It was a smokin’ deal I couldn’t pass up, albeit not navy which is sad.

Oh and I now have PURPLE HAIR! Not all of it, just some streaks underneath. I love it though. Happy almost Friday, y’all.



18 thoughts on “The Derps are genetic

  1. Love the hair! And your review of the coat is actually timely for me…I’m looking into purchasing a more “jumper-y” coat in the future, and have about the same budget as you! Thanks for such a great review 🙂


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