Time for a vet call

Henry’s heat issue isn’t getting better. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple days poring over the internet trying to figure out what it might be and the only thing that really clicks is a cardiovascular issue. Specifically a heart murmur. That would explain the sudden exercise intolerance in extreme heat/humidity but the complete lack of any other issues. Of course, we all know that Google can be both our best friend and our worst enemy so I could be way off base here with my guess, but the vet is coming tomorrow to check him out.


If that is in fact the problem, it should be fairly manageable most of the time given that he doesn’t have a super taxing career and has never shown any signs of a problem until this point. It’s the extreme heat that we’ll have to figure out how to make him comfortable in. Mainly – how to keep him cool when I’m riding, short of duct taping ice packs to him (I kid, I kid… mostly). Giving him the entire summer off would be difficult considering that it’s about 5 months of the year here, but hopefully we’ll be able to figure out a way around it. I suppose I’m getting way ahead of myself though.


There’s not much else happening here since I’m drowning in work. I was hoping to make it to the pre-season cyclocross race last night but instead I got to work from home for a few hours. Yay. Lucky me. I’ll probably be doing the same thing tonight and tomorrow night. Lucky me again. Hopefully everyone else is having a better week so far!

Also – I totally caved and ordered a navy/pink/pearl bonnet. Sorry Henrypants. Technically it’s for Sadie and to fit her, he’ll just wear it sometimes because I said so. Hey, I have to get my joy from the little things.

16 thoughts on “Time for a vet call

    1. I don’t think it is. He’s still sweating really well and only seems to have a problem when he’s ridden. I’ve had a non-sweater before and it’s not presenting the same.


  1. I was thinking my next one would be grey, aqua and white, with some pearls. Can’t decide for sure though. Sorry to hear that Henry is going through that, I know from personal experience that its not fun.


    1. That would be super pretty! I love gray bonnets, but Henry is such a red bay they don’t look right on him. I do have a gray, light blue and white one for my mare though (also from FireFly) so that’s kinda similar to the colors you’re thinking.


  2. Have blood pulled for a Lyme test – use the Cornell one – unusual sweating is often a symptom of Lyme disease – and good luck!


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