Ermahgerd, cool STUFF!

No, really… stuff is fantastic. All the pretty stuff. All the new stuff. All the shiny stuff. All the colorful stuff. All the fashionable stuff. STUFF. Unfortunately my pocketbook does not nearly equal my desire but I still do a lot of window shopping. You never know, I could win the lottery some day (if I ever bought a ticket).

So how about a Tuesday funfest of “Ooooo look at all the pretty stuff”? If someone handed you a big wad of cash right now and let you loose in your tack shop(s) of choice, what items would you grab? For me, it’d be these beauties:

Let’s start off small. I already have 3 pairs of Roeckl gloves, but I don’t have the navy with white trim ones. Therefore this is a duh – I need these. Odds of this ever actually happening? High. But not until at least one of the current pairs springs a hole, which knowing the Roeckl’s could be years from now.




A custom coat from Bellequi! Except I’m pretty sure I’d opt for black with light blue lapels. So pretty. Odds of this ever actually happening? Also pretty high. I’m hoping this will be a birthday present, even if it’s of the “from self to self” variety.




Ogilvy baby pad with navy trim and light blue piping to match my Ogilvy half pad! Odds of this actually happening: meh, kinda low. It’s hard for a cheapskate like me to spend the $45 on a baby pad, even though I know they’re amazing and I would love it. I have so many baby pads already. Maybe someday, if I’m feeling particularly rich and weak.


Asmar Equestrian polos. One in every color, please and thank you. Odds of this ever actually happening: very low. I know they’re awesome and would love nothing more than to fill my closet up with them, but I am not of the correct social class to spend $80 a pop on polos. Horse people problems, y’all.



Another custom bonnet. I know, I know. How many hats does one horse need? A lot. I really want another navy one, but this time with a little bit of pink trim and a row of pearls instead of rhinestones. Like the picture below but no rhinestones and replace the piping with pearls. If I had a mare, I would own it already. I would just feel a little bad putting such a “girly” bonnet on Henry. Odds of this happening: Oh, it’ll happen. At some point in the near future I’ll convince myself that Henry loves navy and pink and pearls and before you know it they’ll all be adorning his head. Poor Henry. Technically if I ordered it with donkey sized ears I could pretend it was for Sadie and just make Henry wear it for a while to “break it in” until she’s done having her baby. Hmmm, that could totally work…




Le Fash navy tuxedo show shirt. I already own two Le Fash shirts, and no matter how many I own that will never be enough. They’re so amazing I can’t even accurately put it into words. However, I procured mine in a tack shop liquidation sale at $40 a pop. A $200 show shirt isn’t the budget anytime in the forseeable future (see previous lament about the lottery). Odds of this actually happening: someday. Ya know, like 3 years from now when they’re several seasons old and on clearance.




MDC S Classic irons. After all my obsessing, I think these are the ones I want. Of course I need a few more months to stew on it and be sure, but it’s looking good so far. Odds of this actually happening: middle of the road. Maybe I’ll just give up and keep the Royal Rider’s forever, because I don’t really neeeeed these. But want. So much want. Christmas? I’m gonna run out of holidays and special occasions to use as excuses.


Custom Tipperary eventing vest in navy (yes there’s a lot of navy happening in this post, leave my life choices alone) with light blue piping. Cuz… someday I’ll go XC schooling, I swear! And… pretty colors matter! Odds of this actually happening: hahahahahahaha none. I’ll probably just buy a secondhand vest off of ebay for cheap. It’s cute when I dream big though.


Custom Equifit D-Teq open front boots in navy with black ostrich! OMG THE PRETTIES. Look at them. Just look. Let them sink into your soul. Now back to reality: odds of this actually happening? None. Another case of being in the wrong income bracket. God they are beautiful as hell though. And if you haven’t played with their custom creator yet, you’re seriously missing out:



Aztec Diamond Fantasia breeches. These really pique my interest because they are cut and styled so much like my beloved Animo’s but are only about $135USD. Plus there’s a unicorn on the butt. Seriously, pink maned unicorn with a smattering of pink stars trailing in it’s wake! Holy god, my inner 13yo is screaming like she’s just spotted that Beiber chick. Odds of this actually happening: Pretty good, I think. I really want to try them, I just need to get to a place where I feel like I actually need another pair of breeches (I so don’t) and can spend the money.




24 thoughts on “Ermahgerd, cool STUFF!

  1. The ogilvy baby pads are the best. I have a couple now and mostly only use them. I like the way they stay put and don’t bunch up.

    As for the stirrups… I bought mine and am so happy with the purchase. They are my favorite stirrups ever.


      1. Aren’t they, though? Want now. Mainly the thing I would buy right now if I had the money is a new saddle, or a new-to-me saddle, anyway. My Bruno Delgrange is so old it doesn’t have knee pads.


  2. County Conquest jump saddle, County Perfection dressage saddle, tan and white FITS, Tredstep short/wide tall boots, FITS show shirts, a custom show coat, lots of nice brushes, technical polos, BOT sheet, lots of Polypads in navy and white … yknow. Stuff!


  3. My bonnet with pearls should be here soon. 🙂 If I won the lottery, I’d buy new breeches (pretty much all of the ones I have were bought second hand), a 5 star tack bridle, a GPA speed air because I hate the hear and a horse. I need a horse.


    1. I did a couple years ago when Samshield’s were first coming onto the market and I thought I was going to buy one, but not in a while. Wish GPA had something like that. Wait, no I don’t. Nooooo I don’t. I’d have even less monies.


  4. I just recently got a pair of the Aztec Diamond Fantasia Breeches, in grey and they are the BOMB.COM. Seriously! Great fabric and workmanship, AMAZING fit and the most important thing, they have PINK UNICORNS on the butt! Only complaint is that the back belt loop with the logo on it is really small, no chance of fitting 2″ wide belts throug there, but they fit in all of the other belt loops. My fave part about them, is that the in natural light, the fabric is this perfect shade of grey, but in artificial lighting, it’s got a really cool blue tinge to it, making it look more slate.

    Point of the story, I will definitely be ordering more! I have my eye on the Navy Flight breeches, and saw that they are adding beige breeches for AW14! Also, Jane is absolutely a doll to deal with getting those babies to Canada!


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