Horsey life changes

It’s been a bit of a slow week for me horse-wise. I have a new farrier coming out to do Henry’s feet on Friday but until then they’re looking pretty shabby, so I’ve limited it to just a couple of short flatwork rides. Two good-news points from this though: he’s continuing to improve as far as his forwardness and consistency in the contact, and less barn time has meant more personal time. It’s been nice to hang out with the SO for a change, plus we got to go see X-Men! Staring at this for 130 minutes did not suck.



Back to the horse stuff. There are some big changes on the horizon… we’ll be moving to a new barn in July. Well, a re-new barn since I boarded there briefly in 2001 before I moved to the East Coast to be a working student. It’s tough to leave the current barn because I consider the trainer a friend, and really like all of my fellow barnmates. This was a very hard decision but due to a myriad of different reasons I think it will be a beneficial change for both of us. It’s very bittersweet for me and I’m sad but excited at the same time. It will however likely mean less horse shows, but there are lots of opportunities to have fun in other ways (maybe dipping my toe into The Dark Side?) so hopefully it’ll equal out.

Once we get moved I’ll post more details about the new place, but until then enjoy a couple of pictures pulled from the internet.

manor2 manor1


And since it’s great timing on Throwback Thursday, we’ll keep with the new barn theme… here’s a picture of me on my first horse Charlie, riding at this barn in 2001.



And me showing there on a catchride in 2010.



13 thoughts on “Horsey life changes

    1. My work is moving buildings soon, so the current barn will be even farther away than it is now, which is already pretty far. New barn will save me 30+ minutes of drive time a day and $40 in toll fees every month. Plus the main trainer there is very jumper-oriented, and I know the eventing trainer there as well, and the barn hosts several shows a year. So lots of possibilities for learning and having fun, while saving myself some time. And the footing/jumps there are fantastic!


  1. Wolverine is my least favorite mutant >< I actually get tired of having him the center of attention. That being said, Days of Future Past was an excellent movie 🙂 Hope your new barn works out – I know transitioning can be tough.


    1. Noooooooo! Wolverine is my favorite, with Gambit and Quicksilver as close seconds. It helps that Hugh Jackman is dreamy so him playing Wolverine makes it all the better. I even have Wolverine Vans, like a 13yo kid. Really I love all things X-Men with zero shame because I’m a nerd. Says the girl wearing a Doctor Who tank top today…


  2. Are you moving to Manor Equestrian Center? I used to ride with Sydney at the old Idylwood Stables when I lived in Texas, and I know they moved from the Austin Polo Club to Manor a few months ago. Those photos look familiar! 🙂


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