It’s not supposed to point that way

Maybe I should start titling my posts the way a lot of emo bands title their songs.

You know what I mean

Take the above highlighted song and replace “toe” with “finger” and it fits. Since I seem to be unable to go any period of time without injuring myself in some ridiculous way, last week I dislocated a finger. The left ring finger, at the middle knuckle, to be exact.

look man, my nails are always dirty

‘Anyway, when it happened I looked down and saw the top of my finger pointing 45 degrees to the left and said to Hillary “I think my finger is broken” and then I moved it and PING it popped back in and I said “Oh, good, it was just dislocated”. Dislocated is better than broken. Theoretically anyway. Still hurts like a mofo, stupid finger. Luckily the damage is really on the inside of that finger and not the outside where reins sit. It’s mostly annoying for carrying things or picking up anything heavy. Which is, ya know… totally fine at a horse farm. FYI the finger DOES NOT LIKE lifting bales of hay.

I had a lesson a couple hours after it happened and was very relieved to find that it still worked ok and I didn’t really notice it when I was riding. Thank goodness my horse isn’t particularly heavy in the hand because if a stupid dislocated finger caused me to have to scratch our Modified move-up, I would have been extremely the most annoyed.

Presto out here not being impressed by things I’m impressed by, aka how it always is

The next day was Presto’s day off, which worked out well since I spent a lot of time icing and BEMERing and slathering Voltaren on my finger. Hillary took him for a pony for me (he gets so bored on his days off), which was comical. Or at least most of us found it comical. Lex did not. Presto has a few too many shenanigans.

Poor Lex

We got a good bit of rain last week too, which we really needed, but it did mean the horses had so spend some time inside. This also meant the final death blow to Presto’s poor little monkey stuffed animal. It was missing an eye, both arms, and had been 80% decapitated. He also murdered his glittery soccer ball that Auntie Michelle got him. All in a day’s work, ya know? So much violence. This whole post is violence.

Sorry about your fate, Monkey

I managed to get through the rest of the week without damaging myself any further, and we did indeed make it to the horse show. Which I will post about ASAP… I was kind of stalling hoping that the photogs would get some pictures up so that I have something more than screen shots. Spoiler alert:

more of Presto not being impressed when I’m impressed

This week I’ve got some writing projects due and some pedigree reports to get cracking on, along with all the usual farm stuff. Rhett and Lucy are now turned out together so I should definitely have some cute Foal Friday fodder for you, too. Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “It’s not supposed to point that way

  1. Did I miss how you dislocated it? I dislocated the same finger, but the top joint, not the middle one. I was catching riding a mare in a clinic and it was going super well, riding with double reins on a pelham and everything, and then she stopped and I went over her head into the middle of an oxer. My finger got tangled in the reins and dislocated that top joint. With gloves on I could just feel something wasn’t quite right, after pulling the gloves I saw it and was able to pull it and pop it back into place and finish up the lesson. Yours looks worse than how I remember mine, but hopefully not for long!


  2. Looking at the picture of your hand makes my hand hurt. Ouch! Hope you heal quickly. Yea for Presto – he is doing well with you piloting him!


  3. Yes, could you please tell us how you did that? Glad it’s not too in the way for riding. Finger injuries are particularly annoying. Hope you heal up quickly!
    Congrats on the giant ribbon for your first modified with Presto! Can’t wait to read all about it!


  4. I dislocated my middle finger last Feb tripping over a stall mat in the barn. I too popped it back into place myself as it was midnight and I had no desire to go to the ER. I taped it to the ring finger, popped a couple ibuprofen and went to urgent care the next morning. I was slightly heartened when the nurse told me “You horse chicks are tough. We get dudes in here crying over an ingrown toenail and you lot just handle it yourselves. No crying, no whining, just getting it done.” I do caution that dislocations always include tendon injuries and often fractures. My humpty dumpty finger is still sore AF and I am still not at 100% range of motion. If you haven’t seen a hand specialist, I highly recommend it. One thing of caution is to not put it in a splint, as it can cause the joint to get too stiff. I used a regular splint for about a week and the doc had me switch to a finger tape version. That way I could keep things mobile. Hope you feel better soon!


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