Foal Friday: Parenting Styles

I figured this week we should focus on the two younger ones, our small but mighty colt contingent for this year. Especially since Randell has gotten to go outside this week!

the cutest, he def got his mom’s pretty face

He has found himself with the nickname Andy, mostly because he reminds me a whole lot of the character Andy from Parks and Rec. He is sweet and happy and bold, but he’s already rocking that total derp derp gelding vibe.

Who, me?

It’s been fun to see him out and about this week though. He loves to gallop and has pretty admirable mastery over those long spider legs of his already. He’s balanced and well-proportioned, and it shows in how he moves.

that canter

He’s also interested in people and pretty independent, I think largely because of Vee’s parenting style. She is a disciplinarian, not the doting type, so he’s already got a pretty strong sense of manners. She feeds him and takes care of him like she’s supposed to, but she also banishes him to the corner when she’s eating her meals and doesn’t tolerate any kind of extreme shenanigans on or near her. She’s raising a respectful kiddo.

lookit him tho ❤

Which is the exact opposite parenting style of Chanel, with Rhett.

Mom says I’m the best animal to ever live

She believes that he hung the moon and the stars in the sky, that he is the best thing to ever wear four hooves, and he certainly can do no wrong.

she might be right about the second part

However, that has given Rhett the same opinion of himself that she has, and thus he is a bit of a lawless child. He does what he wants, when he wants, with his Mom’s full support, no matter how naughty it is. He’s climbing all over her like she’s a walking jungle gym, biting her ears, and she’s just like “isn’t he precious”?

Yes he is

His ego is off the charts and so is his sass. It’s a good thing he’s squishy and adorable.

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Parenting Styles

  1. My maiden mare is just like Chanel, and it’s killing me that she won’t discipline her colt more. He is only 6 weeks and already WAY TO BIG for his britches. He thinks it’s all just a fun game and everyone should be his play mate. I’m hoping to put my other adult mare out with him soon. She’s boss mare but not mean about it. Hoping she will play with him a little bit but also won’t tolerate as much as his mother.


  2. Such cute babies! Vee is doing a solid job raising an ammy’s horse, and it sounds like Rhett is going to be a pro’s horse… Haha!
    It’s so interesting how different horses all are, right down to parenting style.


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