Foal Friday: Randell WTW

I really wanted to wait to do this little dude’s introduction until after we’d gotten some pictures of him outside, but with Kentucky happening this week and me having to draft this post early, new pics didn’t happen. Man apologies. I’ll make it up to you next week. But I did debate delaying his intro another week and decided that would be cruel, so you’re welcome for at least not doing that. Compromise.

Anyway, say hello to Vee’s very first foal, Randell WTW.


He’s named after one of Michelle’s vet friends that was instrumental in helping Vee through some late term complications and making sure that mom and baby made it to full term safe and sound.

And they did! This dude is huge, and with Vee being a maiden she really had to push hard to get him out, but she did a great job with just a little assistance. Although he did go face first into the water tub during his initial attempts to stand up and I literally had to full-body lift him out of it like an equine lifeguard. Lil Randy might not ever live that one down.

In all seriousness though, this lil dude is leggy and tall and very elegant, and he seems to have gotten Vee’s absolutely gorgeous face, complete with an adorable little marking. His curly mane is giving me life too, even though it won’t stay like that for long.

Some of you may remember that this is also the foal who was the product of combining two half-doses of frozen semen, some from Araldik and some from Lingo. We’re in the process of getting his DNA kit done so we can determine exactly who’s the baby daddy, but for now it’s a very hotly debated topic around here. Who do you think the sire is?

We’ve now only got one more foal left for the year, and it’s due pretty much any day now. For those keeping tabs, we’re now at 2 bay colts and 2 bay fillies! Can’t wait to see this last one, it’s probably the one I’ve been anticipating the most.

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Randell WTW

  1. I’m Team Araldik! Hopefully Vee’s issues won’t prevent her from being bred again, she’s a lovely mare and clearly can produce equally lovely offspring!


  2. That face marking! A feather! An orchid! A pendant!

    Another beautiful baby. It should be fun in the foal pasture this year!


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