Foal Friday: Cohabitation

Now that Rue is out of the fresh-and-wobbly phase of foaldom, it’s time for another fun part of our baby timeline: introducing them to each other.

Now, it’s worth noting that these two girls are very different. Very very very different.

Rihanna almost acts more like a colt. She’s bold and brazen and playful and bossy, and has been far more inclined to use her teeth or feet. She sees humans as toys (to play with) or servants (to scratch her itchy spots).

Rue on the other hand is extremely sweet. Also outgoing and playful, but really loves people and will follow you around like a puppy and neigh for you when you leave. It’s pretty adorable. Rue is kind and wants attention and companionship.

These two really could not have been more appropriately named.

Anyway, their surrogate dams already knew each other and have been living together for a long time, so that made it a pretty easy integration. They basically nodded “whats up” at each other from across the field and went straight to grazing. It took Ri and Rue a few minutes to really notice each other.

“wait, who are you?”
“Who am I? Who the heck are you???”

Naturally it was Ri that took it upon herself to try to force an introduction.

“Hey, come here!”

Rue wasn’t super opposed to it, but Blue was having none of it. She’s pretty convinced that Ri is the neighborhood riff-raff and doesn’t want her kid playing with that one. She kept herding Rue away from any of Ri’s advances.

i said nope
omg Goldie come get your kid

Goldie of course just ignored all this and stayed in her grassy corner. She has priorities and it ain’t dem kids.

While the girls still haven’t QUITE worked their way into playing with each other yet, they’ve gotten pretty close. Maybe soon. In the meantime Rue has been quite enjoying her larger turnout…

her zoomies are really coming along.

3 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Cohabitation

  1. Love your personality evaluations – of the ponies and the moms! Its ALMOST as good as being there and watching the goings on in person. Keep up the good work!


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