Foal Friday: Introducing Rihanna WTW

It’s here!!! The first official Foal Friday of 2023, and it’s only February. We’ve got a long foaling season this year which is bad for anyone who has to foal out mares, but great for stretching out our new baby content.

Anyway – first up for the year we’ve got a super cute little fireball of a bay filly, born last Thursday night. She’s an embryo transfer, by the Thoroughbred stallion Sea Lion out of Irish Sporthorse mare Kilpatrick Grace, and carried by Goldie. This is also an “R” year for names for her registry.

Premium nap time with Hillary

She aspirated a little bit of amniotic fluid during birth, so her first 30 minutes were a little bit scary as we worked to help her get all that out, but she’s a fiesty little thing and perked up really quickly. She was on her feet and trying to nurse within an hour.

She also named herself within that time too, because any time you touched her butt she hopped the teeniest little bucks. Kinda looked like she was twerking though, not gonna lie. She’d do like 10 of them in rapid succession. Before the night was over she’d already been dubbed RiRi, after Rihanna. Turns out she’s got exactly the personality to match, too.


She’s also out here Servin Lewks like she owns the place.

If this was an “S” naming year, she’d be Sasha Fierce
gotta get the booty

So far we know a few things about her for sure.

She’s sassy.

She loves to gallop.

And she’s snuggly when she feels like it (approximately 0.05% of the time, because see previously aforementioned things that she loves most).

sometimes she’s sweet to her poor mother

and sometimes she’s sweet to me too (usually conditionally, based on neck and booty scratches)

It’s fun these first few weeks to see their personalities come out and watch them unfold and fill out a little bit. She looks like a super nice filly and she’s got a great gallop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a newborn foal do as many clean lead changes as this one does… they’re constant. Normally they spend a lot of time cross-cantering because 4 legs are hard to master, but not for RiRi!

We’ve started this year off with a bang for sure – Happy Foal Friday!

We should have a few weeks of solo RiRi content before the next one is born. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the spotlight.

8 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Introducing Rihanna WTW

  1. Oh she’s precious! Look at the knees on her, she’s going to be a sturdy girl!
    Is Goldie new to the program? She’s so cute, I want to know more about her!


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