Debut Album Cover

I’ve been working on drafting a post about how all the new equipment is going, but that’s been a bit slow coming along. Until then, let’s do a quick catch-up.

a real meeting of the minds in Presto’s jump lesson… this is totally their debut album cover

Since we’re in the middle of show season, we’re kinda going from show to show to show and then working stuff in in between. There’s literally a show every weekend through like April, so at least we have the luxury of choice. This weekend is Rocking Horse again, which Hillary is doing but I’m not. I opted to enter Ocala 1 at Florida Horse Park next week instead, and I chose the Thursday One Day division so that I can be done in just one day and not on the weekend. It’s easier that way. I dig having the option.

So basically since we always have show entries at this point, the other things get planned out accordingly. This past weekend we had a jump lesson, joining the Assistant Trainer and her super nice young horse who is the same age (and has a real similar personality) as Presto. They are two peas in a freakin pod, man. A good lesson match though, because we’re working on a lot of the same things and are at a fairly similar place in their training.

wheee derp

It’s also kind of nice lessoning with someone again. I love having one on one attention of course but I also see a lot of value in being able to watch someone else go and hear their feedback… especially since it’s so relevant to me too. I wouldn’t mind having a lesson buddy!

Something else we’ve also decided to add into Presto’s life is aquatred.

he was DISPLEASED to learn this information

We have two places very close to here that offer it… one is a little cheaper and has a nice package option, so we decided to do a package and see how it works for him. I’m hoping it will help strengthen his hind end and give him a bit more fitness, but without the wear and tear on his body. Steph does it with hers and loves it, and our chiropractor thought it could be great, so I’m interested to see how he looks after doing it once a week for a few months. Watching his motion while he’s in the aquatred is fascination, you can really see him using his back.

I mean, he was real salty about the whole thing and not always the most coordinated, but I can see how this could potentially really help him. I’ll take progress pictures and videos as we go along so we can all compare.

werk werk werk werk werk

For the first session they gave him some light sedation to introduce him safely to the machine, and slowly let in the water, only bringing it to about mid-cannon. Next time they’ll work it up to his knees, and then finally to just below his belly. They do it slowly though to make sure the horses are comfortable and understand what it’s all about. They’ll also gradually work up his time in the machine so that it’s not overly fatiguing. It’s a really nice place so I’m very interested to see how it goes.

Today he has his regular chiro appointment, tomorrow we’re gonna go do some jumper rounds, and on Thursday morning we’ll go pop over a few XC fences… not much, but maybe some skinnies and combos so that we keep building his education at that. Then we’ll just be coasting until next week’s show.

10 thoughts on “Debut Album Cover

  1. Man, you are just making all of us non-floridians jealous with all the options, from showing, to training, to conditioning, and also the sunshine. Look forward to hearing all about the aquatread & show recaps!


  2. Oh my! I can’t believe you survived in Texas all these years. What a dream to have so many show and bodywork options at your fingertips! And you are definitely a great ambassador for why all horse people should move to Florida.


  3. Believe it or not, there actually IS an aquatread near (ish) me! It’s probably the only one in Montana, LOL. I saw an ad for them on FB and thought “Wow, I’m a little surprised there’s market for that here, and also, increasing my Arab’s fitness level right now when it’s still snowy and icy sounds like a really bad idea”. I don’t know that I’d ever spend the money to do it, but I see the appeal.

    I have a friend from Maryland who used one with her horse after the horse recovered from Lyme disease and was working back up to Intermediate. She said her horse has never been so fit as she was when she was on the aquatread!


  4. I have the jealouses…. I really wish there were therapies like that available near me! Definitely interested to hear how helpful it is (or isn’t) in a few months.
    I’m so glad you’re able to get out to all the shows and other opportunities. It’s really fun to follow along.


  5. Curious to see the results of the Aquatred! Not too many hills here in Houston to get a good booty workout… Also, is that guy standing with the pool net on poop watch? 😜


  6. The aquatred has helped every horse we’ve used it on – my mom’s old guy who is just kind of stiff and my KS horse improved immensely. It’s a really useful tool, hopefully Presto benefits as well!


  7. FPAAT (Frankie and Presto Against Aqua Treads). Gonna be a new movement.
    But it has really made a big difference in Frankie’s fitness even when I’ve had him in lighter work, and was a godsend when we wanted some lower impact motion while treating his Lyme’s. Will be interested to hear your thoughts after Presto has done it a few times!


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