Pony! Like really… a pony.

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on my Insta stories may have noticed a particularly adorable new addition.

lewk at heeem

This adorable little nugget is none other than Nunez WTW, from the foal class of 2019. He just moved to Florida from Texas, where he was in training for part of last year. He’s started under saddle w/t/c and has jumped a few things here and there. Now he’s come to Florida for me to work with and figure out what he wants to be, so that he can be sold into the appropriate home. Hunter pony? Dressage pony? Event pony? I dunno… we’ll all find out together.

he’s frickin cute tho
I mean come on

For those who don’t remember, he’s by the imported GRP stallion Nuno, out of sportpony mare Stormie. I sticked him this week and he’s a bit over 14h right now, so I think he’ll definitely stay pony size, but should be a good-size large. I did have to order him a girth though, because, uh… my smallest one for my monoflap is a 22. It’ll sorta kinda hold the saddle on but definitely isn’t small enough to be safe to ride him in. His new one should be here on Friday, and then I’ll get on him. This week I’ve been bringing him into the barn to groom him, and I’ve lunged him a few times to start working on voice commands. He’s got basics well-established, but now it’s time to start refining and focusing things a bit.

The most challenging (and hilarious) part will be the fact that I’ll be going back and forth from 17.1h to 14h.

the size difference between him and Presto is freaking hilarious

I predict that I will probably come off the pony at least once. Not due to any fault of his, but I mean… I’m used to having 75′ of neck in front of me. Better sit up I guess.

Either way it should be amusing for all of us. Welcome to Florida, Nunez!

10 thoughts on “Pony! Like really… a pony.

  1. You people used to big horses…psh…14hh is totally just a small horse. (Proud rider of a 14.1hh horse/pony/nobody-told-her-she’s-short equine here…).

    But from experience, when you hit the ground from 14.1, it’s really not so bad. The ground isn’t far away.

    I hear you on the girth struggle. I borrowed one from a friend once, because mine was rubbing, and I think it was either a 22″ or maybe a 24″…yeah, let’s just say, I stayed reeeeeeally balanced and that + a properly fitting saddle is how it stayed on. But it didn’t rub….probably because it barely touched her…

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  2. Oh my gosh he is cute! I can volunteer my ten year old daughter to come help ride him once he gets going! Just a short drive for us from the Space Coast, haha!


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