Apparently there was a holiday

I am a little jealous of everyone that’s on vacation right now, or at least had a long weekend. That’s not how things worked around here in any capacity.

First and foremost, wtf with the weather, man. Yeah I know Florida barely got anything of note compared to… well… the rest of the country. But still, we’ve had 4 nights in a row of hard freezes. Ya know what’s not built for that? Florida. So I’ve spent a lot of time covering pipes and spigots and dripping things and unhooking things and breaking ice and soaking grain and tossing extra hay and making sure horses are drinking and that they’re not cold and doing constant wardrobe changes on mine. Winter is work. Every year I don’t understand how people do actual winter. Just a tiny tease of it is enough to make me want to go play in traffic. Makes my skin hurt. Is awful. Would 10/10 rather be sweating.

did get some cute Christmas pics though
You can always count on Presto to be himself

I also was extra busy because – surprise – I got a new job. It’s a very part-time consultant position, just enough to fill in the remaining gap (ok there was no remaining gap, but the theoretical remaining gap) in my work schedule. I was offered the right opportunity at the right time and the job is a perfect fit plus it’s for a company I love and believe in (Ride iQ) so that was a no-brainer. It did mean that I basically spent the weekend trying to clear a bunch of pedigree reports and breeding consultations off my plate to prepare for this first week, so… between that and the weather there was no relaxing holiday here. On Christmas I unwrapped my total of one present (the white breeches I asked for), I took a break for lunch to go get Chinese food (it’s tradition) and otherwise I was cranking out pedigree reports like it’s my damn job (it is).

The Chinese food place gave us this super awesome calendar and I love it a little too much perhaps

Presto got an early Christmas present – a boat fender buoy. A buoy? Yes a buoy. It was an idea I’ve been bouncing around for a while, wondering if a buoy might be a better toy for him than those balls (which.. he destroyed the last ball in less than a day) since they’re a lot thicker and more rugged. I was really wanting something more like 36″ – he likes the bigger ones that he can lay on – but I found a really good deal on a 24″ that made it basically the same price as the horse ones. He won’t play with a Jolly Ball, I guess it’s too small or too heavy to be fun, but I was hoping this would work. I got it, inflated it, made him a rope handle with baling twine, and well… it’s been a huge hit.

Henry is not impressed

I do think he would definitely prefer a bigger one, so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that (if you know where I can get big buoys for cheap, hit me up) but for now this one is an absolute champ. He has stomped it, thrown it, body-slammed it, and attacked it Jaws-style so many times, but it’s still kicking. Presto did dislodge the original stopper, but it came with a backup, so we just blew it back up and put a new stopper in it. He’s had hours and hours of fun.


Maybe I need to start my own horse ball company using buoy material instead. Granted, I think most horses don’t destroy them at the astonishing rate Presto did.

I gave him the two super cold days off because I neither want to freeze to death or get murdered, but we were back at it yesterday. He’s looking like quite the snack these days, I gotta say. What happened to that mega awkward kiddo that we all looked at for 4 straight years?

I have a lot of grown up stuff on my plate this week so I’m not sure yet how the horse parts will play out, but we’ll see. How is it almost 2023 already?

5 thoughts on “Apparently there was a holiday

  1. Winter is stupid, and I don’t know why anyone does it either. (Says the girl from CT.) I’ve had a similar experience with being seemingly more busy not having a corporate job than I was with one… Not sure how that works out, but since it’s mostly things I actually enjoy now, I’ll take it! Congrats on the Ride IQ gig!


  2. Hi, there! First I’ve had a chance to check in with you for a while. You & the ponies look great! We, too, have a Chinese food tradition – exc it’s on Christmas Eve.
    Happy New Year! Dana


  3. Yeah winter sort of sucks. But I will say, other than the really, really cold snaps (no one needs single digits), I don’t think it’s as much work on us up north as you all down south. We’re just set up better? Even in the really cold, I didn’t change that much, brought in earlier, turned out later and made sure my trough de-icer was working. Otherwise? I just had to make sure stall buckets were ice free since my guys already get mashes. So yeah. But I guess I worry less since they are used to cold (once we got over a 50 degree temp swing). Congrats on the new job!!


  4. Congratulations on the new job! That’s very exciting.
    I love your Christmas photo with the ponies. Presto & Henny are goofing around while Gemma poses and looks absolutely stunning. 😀


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