Shoes n’ Squirts

It’s already Monday again. That keeps happening at rapid speed. It’s to the point where I always have to go back through my phone’s pictures to see what happened and when, because hell if I know.

Ponyboy Lex!

I feel like I’ve spent the last 900 years doing spreadsheets but really it’s been like 3 days. Last week I was researching the Burghley finishers to get a wrap-up article done for EN (I think it’s being published today maybe?), knocking out a couple pedigree reports (I got to do one for Hunky Hanoverian‘s Hugo, which was fun!) and now I’m deep deep deep into the rabbit hole getting the WEG spreadsheet ready. I’ve committed to several EN articles for WEG, plus we’re going to have the super detailed deep-dive spreadsheet available on the BRC webstore, so I’m doing that thing where I check every fact 500 times, fall into a rabbit hole looking up something adjacent or trying to confirm something, and before I know it I’m somehow spending 30 minutes on each horse. I have problems. But I will tell you that I find so many mistakes in the various pedigree databases, or missing information (I’ve filled in giant chunks of missing pedigree info on two 5* horses just yesterday alone), or really interesting little tidbits, so a lot of times the rabbit holes are worthwhile. Just, uh… perhaps not the most financially wise way to spend my time since I’m certainly not making money by the hour. I can’t help it.

I also spent a little time sprucing up the BRC website a bit, because we are providing live stream data for PF next week and they’re hopefully going to give us some little blurbs and pop our logo up sometimes. I didn’t want it to be quite as paltry looking just in case someone googles.

this girl ❤

At this point if I’m not behind a computer I’m on a horse. Or feeding horses. Or cleaning stalls. Or, ya know, meeting the farrier so he can put Presto’s shoes back on, since apparently that’s his new favorite pastime.

he has no regrets

He pulled a shoe on Friday, and the farrier came out at 7:30 on Saturday morning to put it back on. After he left I rode Presto out in the field and I shit you not:

He pulled the OTHER one. Seriously it had been like 30 minutes since the farrier left. Poor guy came back AGAIN the next morning and put a new shoe on. Presto is now living in bell boots, which would perhaps be more effective if he didn’t keep insisting on wearing them like this.


All I’ve really done is put toys on his feet, he finds it quite fun.

Other than those particular shenanigans, he’s continued to be really good. Is he maturing? Is he lulling me into a false sense of security so he can stir up some epic Fuckery? I’m still not sure.

The other horses have been good too. I mean Henry is always good, because King. Gemma hasn’t been BAD per se, although we didn’t get her a new bottle of Regumate when the last one ran out because I wasn’t convinced it was really doing anything. Turns out I was massively fucking wrong, because about a week ago she came into a heat so incredibly raging that I swear you could smell her from 30 feet away. She was squirting so constantly that she got me in the mouth (IN THE MOUTH. IN. THE. MOUTH.) when I was picking her feet. I stood up and immediately texted Hillary to tell her we needed to get more Regumate.

Gemma discovered yesterday that she loves Spanish Moss

Lucky we seem to be done with that particular heat cycle, and the Regumate will be here soon, so… chalk that up to a lesson learned on my part. To her credit Gemma wasn’t all that different under saddle during that time, maybe just a tad spicier and less relaxed over her topline. The squirting though. Gods.

We also had some visitors over the weekend, and Presto had a lesson, but I have too many pics to put them all here so we’ll talk about that tomorrow!

Oh, btw, has anyone seen how freaking batshit and unprofessional Helite (the air vest company) is on their TikTok, especially in the comments? It’s popcorn-worthy but also super cringe, as if they gave the controls to a 15yo with an attitude problem. Not a good look. Entertaining, though.

11 thoughts on “Shoes n’ Squirts

  1. I don’t know how many people who read BRE are like me (love horses, don’t have one, don’t ride and clueless about everything but learning from and loving your blog). SO I was wondering if you might clue me in on some of your abbreviations. like EN, WEC, BRG & PF. I can sort of guess at a couple, but still would like to know. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can help with a few! EN is Eventing Nation, an online website devoted to keeping up on all things Eventing around the world. They’re great if you follow the sport in any capacity! WEC is the World Equestrian Center, in Florida. The pros all ride there throughout the year, there’s A-circuit shows on a regular basis, and it’s apparently The Thing to do in the Ocala area for entertainment if you’re at all horsey (go spectate, that is). I don’t know what BRG is out of context, so I can’t help with that one. PF may refer to Plantation Field, which was a big event. I don’t know if they still have it, and there was a LOT of controversy about the name “Plantation” because it’s now considered offensive (though the event and its venue had nothing to do with plantations worked by slaves. Also please don’t misunderstand my comment: I in no way support slavery or the marginalization of any group! Simply trying to summarize the situation.)


          1. Thank you. My husband and I really love BRE! I always share it with him…except for the ones about your clothes, lol.


  2. I rode a red mare one time that was…not very particular when in heat. She’d squirt at ANYTHING: Mare, gelding, and even a mule once…


  3. Just as an item of interest, there was an article on horse and hound regarding not calling it weg anymore, since the disciplines are not all together in one event now, and to instead call them world championships. I don’t really have a strong opinion on it, just thought it might be interesting for some who read this blog! Posting the link to the article below:


  4. Ok, WHY are the mares so disgusting right now?! Shiny is not AS bad as Gemma, but it’s very clear she’s very excited by both geldings in the barn this week. Yesterday she actually nickered at them when we went out to ride. This is only odd because she generally hates all horses.


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