Summer Gloves Revisited

After I posted that little review showdown a couple months ago with all my gloves, it really stuck in my craw that I didn’t think I’d really found a truly exceptional pair of summer gloves yet. My Sweet Iron Co ones were definitely the closest, but… the quest did not feel sufficiently completed. So it’s possible that I may have acquired some new ones over the summer in an attempt to find Mr. Right (and Mr. Left…. ha see what I did there? God I’m so sorry, it’s 5am.).

Please no one ask me how many pairs of gloves I own in total, none of us are ready for that

The first ones I ordered were the Roeckl Moyo, which they advertise as their ultimate summer glove. The back is a very very light mesh, with the standard Roeckl material on the palm. I tossed these into an Epplejeck order so I got the Europe price plus they were on sale so I only paid $25 for them.

These are definitely lightweight and breathable, there’s no arguing about that. However… they just aren’t very well made. I knew that the mesh was going to be delicate due to how thin it is, so I’m very careful putting them on – I don’t tug on them, and am very gentle with the mesh. Despite that, it tore a little bit near the cuff on wear number 3. The palm material is also a bit stiff and almost crunchy feeling, like something I would expect from a cheap knockoff. And while we’re at it please tell me who decided to put white detailing on a black glove? These are just meh for me. Yes they’re definitely cool and have good airflow, and they dry pretty quickly, but… the execution and materials are lacking. If I’d paid the typical US retail price of $50 I would be annoyed.

While I was waiting for those to show up from the Netherlands I picked up some Cavalleria Toscana mesh gloves from the Luxe EQ trailer when it was here at WEC.

When I spotted these from afar (I have glove-dar… for some people it’s saddle pads, for me it’s gloves) they looked super lightweight so I tried them on without even really taking note of the brand. And then I loved how they felt – really stretchy and cut slim to the hand – and was scared to turn the tag over to see the price, fearing it would be like $100. They’re $59, so not cheap, but not nearly as bad as I had feared… pretty much the going rate for a lot of glove brands these days. I like that they’re cut a bit shorter at the wrist so that they don’t touch my watch, and they’re super super stretchy and lightweight. I was worried that the silicone grips on the palms would wear off quickly but its been a couple months and so far so good. They’re comfy and dry pretty quickly and can go in the wash, so… bonus. These are almost always the ones I reach for every day because they’re just so comfortable and light. More colors please, Cavalleria Toscana.

And then I was in Tack Shack a couple weeks ago browsing the glove wall (as one does) while the SO tried on breeches. What did I spy with my little eye? NAVY GLITTER.

These are the Roeckl Lorraine, which come in black and white and navy, with a glitter stripe on the back of the hand. The back is a really lightweight spandex type material, and the palm is the same as on the Roeckl Mayo. I wish they had a little gusset or something at the wrist so they were easier to pull on/off, but I have big hands. The color is pretty, they get an A+ for look. I still don’t love that palm material but these at least seem like they’ll definitely hold up better than the Mayo. They aren’t my everyday favorites but they are the prettiest… I will definitely show in these.

And then last week I was at WEC (god, here we go again, this never ends well) in I Love My Horse, which has proven to be an extremely dangerous store for me. I wasn’t actually looking for anything but I just so happened to notice that they now had the MacWet sport mesh gloves in navy. Shit.

To be fair I didn’t get these to be specifically summer gloves, I got them to be XC gloves (and also to be fair, I didn’t buy them, SO bought them for me) because I’ve heard such good things about how grippy they are when they’re wet. I live in Florida now so… that’s actually a legit concern. The back of them is a nice mesh though, so despite being a more substantial glove than the others, they don’t seem that hot. I haven’t had them long but so far I’ve worn them XC schooling on a very very moist and sweaty day, and in the rain, and I do think these will be my new go-to XC gloves or rain gloves. They’re nice, dry well, and are only around $50.

So, ya know… I’m pretty happy with 3 of the 4 latest acquisitions. A good pair of comfy everyday gloves with the CT, a pretty pair of lightweight show gloves with the Roeckl, and some nice grippy XC/rain gloves. That’s not a bad summertime collection.

10 thoughts on “Summer Gloves Revisited

  1. You’re a bad influence when it comes to gloves!! Now I want some of those MacWet gloves, because on endurance rides, when you’re dipping your sponge in a creek from the saddle to cool your horse, it’s just annoying to take your gloves off, so they get very wet. I’ve yet to find the perfect pair for these situations!


  2. Ooh, I may have to try out the MacWet gloves. A little piece of my heart died when Neumann stopped making their equestrian-specific gloves because they were the only gloves I found that had grip that lasted, and, well…the only gloves that I’ve found that lasted (in general) for more than a year before totally falling apart. No horse-specific brand has ever come close to comparing to them for me.


  3. Well, you’ve convinced me to try to CT ones. Just ordered! I have the Mac Wet, but for grippiness I like the SSG original all weather better, though the SSG aren’t super thin (but do have a mesh back).


    1. SSG don’t fit me that well. Or they just fit me weird?? I dunno, I’ve had a couple pairs but never liked them that much. I do have extremely long fingers though, and a wide palm. Sometimes to get them big enough in the fingers it makes them baggy elsewhere.


      1. Makes sense! I have the opposite problem with short fingers, and they’re one of the few where the fingers aren’t too long for me, so I can see how they wouldn’t work for you.


  4. I feel like gloves should be a little easier to buy than they actually are. I hate spending $50 to $60 on gloves, but those are the ones I always like the most. I bought a pair of the Ego7 gloves (not the mesh backed ones, the ones that are similar to the Roeckl gloves) and all the fingers were the perfect length except the thumb. It was like 3/4 of an inch too long and it drove my nuts. I still love my Roeckls, but they’re not great for summer. A friend gave me a pair of Ariat gloves that have a mesh back and I usually wear them for schooling. They’re not the best for super hot/humid weather since they tend to stay damp. I recently bought a pair of Catago mesh backed gloves from Riding Warehouse and I actually really like them. They were under $40 which is even better.


    1. I have the mesh ego7 and don’t really care for them that much :/ You’re right that they’re hard to buy. Some brands don’t fit me at all because I have quite long fingers.


      1. I wore my Ego7 gloves once for 30 minutes and sold them. I bought them over Black Friday last year from Equizone, so I paid less than US retail, but couldn’t return them.


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