Foal Friday: Fancy New Clothes

HEY FREENS. Quinlee got something very exciting that she wants to show you.

Did you see it? HOW BOUT NOW?

I mean… it’s pretty hard to miss that halter. Which means it suits Quinlee perfectly, because she’s nothing if not very extra. Turquoise padding? Check. Patent? Check. BLING? CHECK!!! I think she loves it, there was a whole lot of celebrating when she got it.

instant zoomie activation mode
four bling bling feet off the floor

She even tried her very best to show it off to all the other horses. She made a few laps around the perimeter so everyone in the neighboring fields could see. They were… not as impressed as she was hoping.

Daisy and Chanel tried to amuse her at least

She even tried some Grade A high quality strutting, but still… no one was as enthusiastic about her new halter as she was.

So, well… she gave up on trying to impress those boring old basic horses. Hopefully her internet fans will appreciate the beauty of her latest acquisition a little bit more than they did.

Look at how cool I am tho – Quinlee, probably

Happy Foal Friday everyone!

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