Foal Friday: They can’t all be Glamour Shots

I think it’s safe to say that we have well-established the fact that Quinlee is cute, right? Like… she’s a little Glamour Shot machine, with all her posing and her gorgeous face and all that oozing charisma.

Lookit how gorgeous my head is when I put it through this unplanned gap in the fence that I definitely had no part in creating
I mean honestly it’s uncanny how she always finds the best lighting

But, that said, she’s still a foal. And foals do some very strange things sometimes, especially when they’re still figuring out how to coordinate all those legs.

what gait is this tho?
or that?

Not to mention the growth spurts, where your butt ends up in a different stratosphere than the rest of your body. Hard times, being a baby horse.

no one knows what’s happening here, especially not her

Turns out that even Quinlee, who is one of the most photogenic foals that has ever starred in the Foal Friday series, isn’t immune to the awkward shots. And this week… well… it was an awkward one.

I feel like she looks annoyed with her legs in this one, like she can’t figure out why they’ve gone rogue

Gotta admit though, even with all of her awkwards, she’s still a pretty qute little quesadilla. Hopefully next week she’s back to her usual photogenic self!

that’s a 10 halt if I’ve ever seen one

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