Foal Friday: The Real BFF

Quinlee is nothing if not entertaining. She’s cute and sweet, but she’s also bold and precocious, so she’s running her poor sweet mother ragged with her antics. Luckily they’re now living out in the field with another mare and both of the yearling fillies, so at least Inca isn’t Quinlee’s only source of entertainment. And while a lot of foals are really shy around older bigger horses at first, Quinlee has had no such reservations. She wormed her way right on in there with Pippa and Teddy especially, whether they really wanted to be friends with her or not.

I like how she’s not that much smaller than the pony yearling

She also really likes her human friends, like MK.

But her bestest most favorite friend?

Say hello to Hay Bale.

I mean, how could you not love Hay Bale?

You can nap on him…

You can roll on him…

You can smoosh him…

You can climb on him and be REALLY TALL…

You can – oh crap, oops –

Quinlee Down

Anyway, you get the point. There’s no disputing the fact that Hay Bale is the ultimate BFF, even if sometimes your other FF’s might get a little annoyed about it.

Happy Foal Friday!

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Real BFF

  1. It just occurred to me… You need to publish a Foal Friday/baby horse book. My husband is not a horse person, but he always wants to read your little monologues on baby horses. If you can win him over, you have a HUGE market share of readers out there. Something to think about… We love Foal Fridays in my home!


  2. Oh goodness that foal is Super cute and they are so funny that’s for sure. We have one last baby that is late showing up. We also have one mama that came to the farm to be born I was told they think it will be born tonight 😀 The babies make me to happy and make my heart smile 😀 ❤


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