Pre-Crunch Time

Last week/weekend were basically the last relatively free and relaxed weekends I’m going to get for the next month or so. This week the t!ny h0use is being prepped and packed, next week it’s moving, then I have to go pick up Presto from west Texas, then we’re headed to Kentucky, then as soon as we get back from Kentucky we’re packing up the horses and heading to Florida. Between all that stuff and work and other random things, there’s something on my calendar basically every day for the next 3-4 weeks. So, knowing what was looming, we were trying to fit in as much horse time and as many “fun things” as possible into last week.

First noteworthy thing: Hillary finally got to ride Gemma.

The original plan was that she wouldn’t really ride her until way later, but Gemma’s a lot more chill than we anticipated, plus I was like “you really gotta FEEL her though”. Because just watching her you can see some moments of brilliance, but riding her and feeling those moments… that’s a whole different thing. It makes her very exciting. Hillary agreed that the nice moments feel even better than they look, and that we got a nicer horse than we’d even originally thought. That’s always fun.

The next day I rode Gemma again and Hillary jumped Henry, and Gemma’s main job was to stand quietly on the buckle in the middle while he worked around her, and while he buzzed nearby her front and back end. She wasn’t rattled in the least, and I think the “standing on the buckle” ride was her favorite. Lazy animal.

She’s just a walking murder-fest, ya know

On Friday we headed over to Dover for their tent sale, because sometimes they do have some good deals. I will say though that the term “tent sale” was a bit of a stretch. In years past they’ve actually had a huge tent set up in the parking lot, but this time there was just a pop up canopy that had an empty table under it. They had some tables set up outside with boxes of stuff, a lot of it undesirable, but there were some good deals to be found if you dug around or went through all the returned items. A lot of stuff inside was on sale too but there were so many people crammed in there it was making me claustrophobic. Ultimately I ended up with two pairs of bell boots and a fly sheet (the fly sheet was actually a good deal, 50% off) and a free bucket. Still not sure if it was worth the 45 minute wait in line that it took to check out, though. Probably not.

We had tried the day before to message The TackHack to set up an appointment with them to come by their shop after Dover, but didn’t get a response. Since they’re only like a mile and a half from Dover we decided to try to drive by anyway and see if anyone was there. We called the number on the door but didn’t get an answer, so alas that didn’t happen. I wanted to check out their store at least once before I left Texas but I guess that wasn’t meant to be.

it does exist though

We had some Mexican food for lunch while we were out, and then on Sunday I met a couple more friends for an early dinner at another Mexican food place. I think literally the only perk of Texas is the superior Mexican food, but we’ll see what I can find in Florida. For now I’m stocking up, just in case.

While Dover wasn’t that exciting and TackHack was a bust, I did manage to score a nice used Devoucoux dressage bridle for Gemma from someone on Instagram for an absolute STEAL. I’ve always wanted one of these because I love the noseband, but also I am way (way way way) too cheap to pay $500+ for a bridle. I keep forgetting to try it on her, but hopefully it fits. If not she could probably wear Presto’s and he could wear this one.

Totally unhorse related, I also snagged a couple more poetry books. I’ve been having a definite poetry book moment for the past year or so and I’m not sad about it. Granted, I should probably stop buying freaking books when I know that it’s just yet another thing I have to pack. Details. I don’t have nearly as many books as I used to before I moved into the t!ny so I don’t really feel that bad about it. My book collection still fits on one shelf of a small bookcase.

Today my dad is coming over to help me take all the skirting off the t!ny, and then tomorrow I have a guy coming to prepare it for moving (unanchoring it, taking all the blocks out, checking the tires, securing the hitch, etc). I’m also trying to get the Kentucky breeding data done this week for a couple Eventing Nation projects and get some content done for the Patreon. All of this to say: it’s very possible that I might be more MIA here on the blog over the next few weeks than usual. I’ll keep posting at least semi-regularly until we leave for Kentucky, and then after that you probably won’t hear from me again until we’re settled in Florida. I’ll keep you updated as we go. Crunch time has officially begun!

14 thoughts on “Pre-Crunch Time

  1. Pro tip from a lifelong Floridian: there is not as much high quality Mexican food in Florida as there is in Texas but it is there – you just have to look for the places that are literal holes in the wall where they don’t speak English and look at you funny when the white girl walks in the door.


    1. Good luck, ‘Manda, with finding some great Mexican close to home. Those holes-in-the-wall will probably be better than a FL gringo cooking Mexican anyway. Thank goodness I don’t have to go far to find good Mexican food – esp if I’m not in a cooking mood. If we weren’t so old I’d try to talk DH into picking up, moving to FL, and maybe opening a Tex-Mex food truck. We’d like a beach location. Is the new place close to one? If so, Gulf or Atlantic?


  2. The Dover tent sale was crap here too. I couldn’t even bring myself to buy anything to get a free bucket. We had no tent just a table under the outside overhang. I ended up at Fair Hill Saddlery for their sidewalk sale and bought way more including boots, a $20 mini blanket, and a mini halter… but everything in the store was 20% off and everything outside was 50-75% off. I think I’m done with Dover…


  3. I’m with Shauna – have no idea what’s happening with the t!ny h0use???

    Your schedule sounds exhausting and that’s coming from someone who’s getting married in less than two weeks, LOL. It will all be worth it, though. You are going to an amazing place and I’m sure you’re very happy that you’ll have Presto back with you again!


  4. I always appreciate when you give us a heads-up that you’ll be MIA from the blog, I like to know you’re just busy and not sitting in a hospital somewhere! Try to stay sane the next few weeks and don’t forget to take some “YOU” time even if it’s just a quick few minutes with some coffee or something.


  5. We have a handful of Latino owned restaurants in Ocala that are pretty good. But definitely nothing like Texas, if my visits in the past are any indication! I’m happy that Hillary was able to sit on Gemma – it’s so fun when a horse turns out to be even better than you hoped


  6. As a native Texan I have very high standards for Mexican food, however there is a great Mexican restaurant literally around the corner from WEC. It’s inside of the Mexican grocery store on the corner of 40 and NW 80th and make sure you take advantage of their bakery.

    Still searching for good cheese enchiladas with chili on top on the east coast though….


  7. How are you getting the horses to Florida? Yourself or a shipper? The farthest I’ve ever gone is from Southern New England to Orlando and it was on a bus, I can’t imagine driving horses that far, once someone I rode with went to OKC for the Morgan Grand Nationals and she and the trainer just drove all the way there without so much as stopping to sleep, I was like what?

    There used to be a good Mexican place near me, it closed. At least I can get good fish and chips, also various combinations of maple and walnut seemingly unknown elsewhere.


  8. I’m told that Latinos Y Mas (I think that’s the name) is pretty good in Ocala. (Wanted to try it, but didn’t have time even I was there.)


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