Foal Friday: Mom Mom Mommy

The first couple weeks of a new foal always remind me of that scene in Family Guy where the mom is trying to just relax and the kid will not leave her alone. Some mares really like this time period when the foals are more clingy and more interested in them (like Peyton the helicopter mom) but others are just like omg kid what do you want? With Inca being a maiden we didn’t know what her reaction would be, but so far it seems to be somewhere in the middle. She likes her baby, and she’s patient, but sometimes she does look a little bit like she wants someone to come get this kid.

she’s a good momma either way

On one hand, she gets NO PEACE. Ever. At all. Her life is no longer hers.

She cannot graze in peace…


She cannot roll in peace…

She can’t even just stand there and be a horse in peace.

On the other hand, the kid (who I have jokingly been calling Quesadilla until she gets a real name and now I’m worried I’m going to end up calling her Queso forever) basically throws a parade for her anytime she walks around the paddock, so that’s one perk. Mom is still cool at this point.


There are slight reprieves when she’s nursing at least, although Q is like a little pint-sized shark attack. She’s an EATER.

And of course Q still does sleep a lot at this stage, so if Inca can just survive the part between naps, it’s not too bad. For a few brief minutes Inca’s life is almost hers again while the kiddo is napping.

ahhhhhh bliss

Normally this is the stage where the babies would get to start going out together so they could play and give the mares a break, but since lil Quesadilla (dammit, I have to stop calling her that) is the only foal this year, poor Inca is gonna be on solo child care duty for a while. Good thing she’s patient.

Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Mom Mom Mommy

    1. …anddddd my decision to pick up Mexican for dinner tonight has also been solidified thanks to Baby Q’s nickname. Happy Friday indeed.


  1. Unclear why Queso isn’t a great name. Queso is delicious.
    But if you don’t want to register her as Queso she can be WTW Quest For Cheese. Barn name Queso.

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  2. I feel for this mare, I really do, having raised a needy and voracious-eater infant myself without any family nearby. Adapting to 24/7 motherhood is ROUGH. I’m glad poor Inca is doing okay!

    Speaking of her, I just have to say – what a gorgeous, gorgeous mare she is. That head and eye are particularly swoon-worthy, but you guys just knocked it out of the park altogether with her looks-wise. Is she TB or WB herself?


  3. Oh my goodness Q is just so cute! We have one that is not a maiden but her sweet baby filly loves mom so much she is glued to her lol We put them out in the open round pen and mom is like just let me roll lol We do have a maiden with one cute filly that is a pistol we call her drama queen lol this at the farm I work at and have my horse at they are not my horses but I love All of them so much ❤


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