Foal Friday: Baby Q

HAPPY FIRST FOAL FRIDAY OF 2022!!!! I am perhaps maybe a little excited about it, because baby horse season is my favorite time of year. And while there is only one WTW foal this time year, Inca really made it count, because man…. this one is cute.

prepare your squees, people, things are about to get intense

Please say hello to… ok we’re still calling her baby Q because she doesn’t have an official name yet (it’s a Q naming year) but whatever. Look at her. LOOK. AT. HER.

I know I say this every year but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a cute bebe animal in all my life. Her little nose. Her little eyelashes. Her little stripe. I have died of cuteness overload and if this is how I go, then I’m ok with that.

all the other mares agree, especially creepy wannabe baby thief Sadie

Michelle is of course delighted because she really wanted a filly out of Inca, who she loves almost more like a dog than a horse. This is Inca’s first foal and she’s been a great mama so far (although sometimes she does have this very distinct “someone come get your child!” look on her face when Baby Q starts winding up). Inca is the sweet one of the mare group who actually likes cuddles and attention, and so far Baby Q seems to have much the same inclination.

Also bonus points to her sire Frosty (Faustino de Tili, the same sire as Patrick and Obi from last year) for not passing on his gray gene.

This kiddo definitely seems to be made of sugar and spice, because while she is very sweet and likes human attention, she’s also got some pretty good zoomies already. Or really, leapies. She is airborne a lot considering she’s only a couple days old. Reminds me a lot of a certain someone from last year.

the alien abductions have already begun
also has some sweet dance moves

Just in case there was any doubt that she’s a filly though, she does have a little bit of sass and judgement residing in those eyes.

She’ll get to move out to the bigger field in a few days once she’s mastered her legs a bit more, but right now she’s mostly focused on eating, sleeping, and yeehawing. Mostly eating and sleeping, with a heavy emphasis on eating. This girl is big boned (those hocks are massive) and I have a feeling she’s gonna chunk right up pretty quickly at the rate she’s eating.

“you’re one to judge”- baby Q, probably

Happy Friday everyone? Baby horse season is back!

16 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Baby Q

  1. You’re getting no argument here, Baby Q is totally adorable!!! What a nice quality foal and she just screams, “I’m gonna be an athlete.”

    I really love the “judgy-face” photo and I’m amused by the fact that I instantly saw it. It’s funny how horse people can read so much into the slightest change in their expression. Anyone else would be like, “It’s just a horse, being a horse. Yeah??”

    I’m wondering how come there’s only one goal this year? (Maybe you’ve explained and I missed it, sorry) Everyone just needed a break?


  2. I mean buying a farm halfway across the country is a pretty big deal! She is absolutely gorgeous. I know you didn’t ask for name suggestions, but when I think of the letter Q, I think of Quidditch. Quidditch WTW does have a nice ring! 🙂


  3. She’s gorgeous and so athletic already! I don’t know if Michelle is taking name suggestions, but every time I look at her, I think Quintessential — which means “representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.” I’d call her Quinn or Quinnie in the barn. 😀


  4. Oooo Q is fun! Idk why I thought of it and it’s a bit odd but I like Quodlibet as a different kind of name! It means a lighthearted medley of songs, often to a slightly comical effect. In Latin it translates to “what you please.”


  5. Seeing the comment about her dance moves (lol) makes me think of Quick Step WTW for the dance style! She’s beautiful, excited to watch her over the next few months!


    1. I guess it would actually be Quickstep, just one word. Though now I’m realizing maybe it would put the wrong image in a dressage judge’s head 😂


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