The Stalker Becomes the Stalkee

I’ve not been so great lately about the weekend recaps and I feel like I’m skipping over all the little fun things that maybe no one cares much about except for me, but… I am entertained by those things. Gonna try to remedy that today by cramming a bunch of little shit in one post, yay everyone’s favorite randomness (please read that with heavy sarcasm).

First and foremost, I need everyone to see what I snagged last week at Dollar General.

Ok that’s not a picture of the actual item, it’s a picture of the result. I found a unicorn cake pan for $4 so did I buy it? Of course. Am I an actual child? Also yes. Has my giant unicorn brownie brought me extreme joy over the past several days? Also yes. I ate his face first and he smiled at me the whole time. 10/10 would do again, I have zero regrets about this purchase.

Anyway, moving on. I spent much of Friday and Saturday glued to the Carolina live stream. There were lots of horses I wanted to watch spread around the various divisions, so naturally I had my spreadsheets up and my notes out. I also got to see my most favorite Mason for the first time since Maryland last fall… he looked delighted (if not perhaps a bit wild a few times) to be out and about again. I love watching that horse though, I swear you could put a camera just on his face for the entirety of cross country and it would be riveting coverage. I’m excited to continue stalking him as he aims for Badminton this spring.

he was ZOOMING to his double clear

While I was stalking Mason on the live stream, a particular redhead was stalking me here at home. Gemma has figured out that I live in the little gray house, and has spotted me through the window a few times. Now every once in a while I look out and she’s straight up staring into my window, using her laser beam eyeballs to try to will me into bringing her treats (I assume).


It’s very amusing to me because either the other horses haven’t figured out I’m in here or they just could not possibly care less. When Presto was here there were a couple times I caught him looking in here, but not quite as intensely as Gemma does. She keeps showing me all the ways she’s smart (and also that she is extremely rotten and probably gets waaaaaaaay too many cookies). I have not dared to actually go outside when I catch her staring in, because I think the second I do that she’ll plant herself by my window and never leave. It would be flattering if I didn’t know it was 99% about food with her.

Presto eating the pregnant mare’s hay…

Aside from watching Mason and being watched by Gemma, I’ve also been checking in on Inca on her foaling cameras. She’s looked imminent for DAYS now, and her milk test has been in the “within 24 hours” range for almost 3 days. Poor Michelle is a walking zombie by this point, having hardly slept, and even Presto (who seemed excited about his midwife duties) has started to give up and lose interest. These maidens always keep you guessing, so Michelle is watching her like a hawk, but I think we’re all ready for her to just spit that baby out already. I don’t know what she’s waiting for.

Aside from all this watching, there has also been plenty of doing. Hillary is still in Ocala and won’t be home for another week, so I’m still riding Henry. He still seems to be not particularly pleased by this, but I did make him happy this weekend and do some jompies. His favorite. It’s been getting hot here in the afternoons so I’m starting to have to shift my days around again to try to get done with the horses a bit sooner.

still the king

I’ve also been riding Gemma, but we’ll talk more about her tomorrow… too much to cover on that front to cram it all in this post too!

One more worthwhile mention… last week I nabbed a pair of black Espoir breeches that I’m freaking IN LOVE with… the black glitter piping is *chef’s kiss* and these are the first breeches I’ve ever had that managed to do a very subtle and actually nice looking cell phone pocket. I’ll have to do a deeper review of these after I’ve washed and worn them more, but these might be vying for my new favorites. These are the same brand as the black coat with glitter piping that I bought at Maryland last fall… clearly I like their styling (and their glitter).

I also got an Epplejeck box yesterday… a couple weeks ago I ordered some stuff to use up a gift card I had, and then promptly forgot about the order. When the box showed up yesterday I couldn’t even remember what I had gotten, so opening it was a fun surprise. I mean, there were some interesting things in there that I have no idea what I was thinking when I ordered them, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I need to get pics of all that stuff so we can all have a good laugh.

We’ve now entered crunch time mode as far as getting things organized for the move and I’m pretty sure I’m going to require a round of Ulcergard for myself by the time all is said and done. Uprooting your entire life to move everything 1000 miles away, especially with horses, is stressful as hell. Fingers crossed all this stuff comes together though, I feel like I’ve got about a thousand things up in the air right now and the anxiety is real.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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