A little “R&R”

Presto is good at a lot of things. Rest and recuperation or rest and relaxation… those maybe aren’t on the list. I think his version of R&R more likely stands for rumpus and raucous.

Exhibit A

He’s doing pretty well at Michelle’s though, aside from causing his usual level of chaos and mayhem, which in turn causes enough stress in his humans to remove a few years off their life. Ya know… standard Presto behavior. Knock on wood though, he’s remained looking sound and has refrained from any particularly damaging trouble to this point.

Although yesterday Obi somehow did sneak over into Uncle Presto’s paddock (no ones sure if he went over the fence or under it) and Presto was delighted to have a temporary friend.


He plays a bit too rough to keep a yearling as a friend (although points to Obi, he can dish it out pretty well for a little dude) so Obi had to go back over to his own paddock, but they did get to have an hour or so’s worth of fun before it got broken up. Presto probably had more fun than Obi, who now may or may not be brain damaged from being hit in the head repeatedly with Presto’s feeder, but… ya know. Those are the risks when you enter Presto airspace. The real question is – will he sneak back over there again, or did he learn his lesson the first time? We’ll find out I guess.

Aside from just being a general pest (aka himself) Presto’s gotten some nice little therapy sessions. Last week you saw his laser and chiropractic session, and he’s also getting some regular Magnawave from his friend Mk, who looks comically tiny next to him.

I legit snorted

He seems very responsive to the Magnawave, offering some big dramatic releases. He’s probably the kind of horse that would really benefit from having a BEMER to use on a regular basis (I’ll just tuck that information away in the back of my brain for whenever I have money to burn LOLOLOL). He’s always responded really well to bodywork stuff in general… probably because he does play so rough all the time he’s constantly doing some level of something to himself. He’s looking really good though, even if he’s not so sure about all of this stuff sometimes.

zap the brain. zap it a lot.

It’s very nice that Michelle has friends local to her with all this good equipment that are willing to help him out. And also nice that these friends have a good sense of humor and can deal with his antics… he often gets called “busy”. Um… yeah sure, that’s the nice word for it. We’ll go with that.

zappies on the chaos foot

He’ll keep getting regular MagnaWave while he’s there, and Michelle is going to start booking his swimming sessions too. We all think that he would like that a lot, even if just to have something to go and do. He’s bored bored bored…. never has been one that handled downtime very well (ahem HOW HE GOT INTO THIS SITUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE), he needs a job and an outlet for all that “busy-ness” of his. Those hamsters in his brain start running amok after a while.

Presto’s birthday is tomorrow (can y’all believe he’s FIVE????) and I may or may not have sent Michelle a whole bunch of themed birthday party stuff for him. Gotta keep up that tradition. Plus hopefully it’ll result in some good entertainment for all of us. His friend Mk will be there doing his MagnaWave anyway so he invited her to his party.

she’s trying to choke me out
oh wait thats niccceeeeee

There’s never a dull moment with this one, that’s for sure.

The one and only 2022 foal is due in the next couple weeks, so hopefully we’ll be back to Foal Friday content soon! The chaos is a lot cuter when it comes in a little fuzzy foal-sized package rather than a 17.1h giraffe suit.

6 thoughts on “A little “R&R”

  1. Only one 2022 foal? How’d I miss that? Though I did notice the conspicuous absence of the usual baby bets contest.

    Also…WHO WHO WHO???? Haha. I must live vicariously through the WTW breeding program so I’m not tempted to start my own.


  2. He’s as cute as ever though, isn’t he?! What a lucky dude getting all the treatments.
    I also want a bemer blanket so much… but alas. I need that stupid saddle first. Boring.
    Can’t wait for the 2022 baby! And Happy Birthday Presto!!!!!


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