Chestnuttiest Marey-est

Alright I absolutely hate foosball but can we talk about that halftime show for a second? I’ve been a fan of Eminem since he first hit the scene when I was in high school, and my love has not faded over time. I’ve said for years that he’s the greatest lyricist of our time and I stand by that. Also Dr. Dre is still absolutely baller. If they could have just cancelled all the football and let the halftime show go for a couple more hours, I would have been delighted.

In more horsey news, Gemma continues to have very minor and easy “lessons”. Hillary ponied her out on the trails in the back

which Gemma thought was really fun. She does love to get out and see things and explore, and she was super interested in looking around at everything but she wasn’t spooky about it. Not even when two giant helicopters came thundering right overhead. Ears pricked, happy girl. You can tell she’s itching to stretch her legs and let off some steam, but seriously she gets two big gold stars at how well she’s keeping herself under wraps during her rest period. I’ve been bringing her into the barn every other day in the afternoon so she can stand in the crossties, get groomed, and get some Durasole and Keratex on her feet.

She’s understanding the crossties well now, and she stands pretty well. No fuss about leaving the other horses or being alone in the barn (unlike a certain hangry hangry hippo we all know and love) Her feet are still a bit sore, mostly the hinds since they’re barefoot now, but it’s definitely gotten better since those first couple days. The timing worked out pretty well for her shoeing transition since the ground is has mercifully softened up a bit but it isn’t muddy. One thing about Gemma for sure though – she is a FOODIE. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her since she still has a lot of weight to gain, but that girl really likes her food, especially treats. She absolutely SCREAMS at me when I’m coming with food. And not in the way that makes you feel loved… the way where you’re pretty sure she’s saying “Walk faster, peon!”. I live to serve. After all, I was trained by the Chestnuttiest Marey-est horse alive.

yours truly

Gemma still doesn’t even hold a candle to Henry when it comes to the stereotypical chestnut mare behaviors.

I’ve been riding Henry some though, on the days where Hillary can’t come out. He’s really thriving I think, doing a little bit of “harder” work again with her. He’s a bit stronger than he was, but everything is still easy and infrequent enough to where he’s not being taxed by it. Although she has figured out more and more how to flat him better, which he’s not quite so pleased about. He would appreciate if everyone just believed all his “oh I don’t know what that means” or “oh I don’t do that” LIES when it comes to proper flatwork.

Presto is settling into Michelle’s too… I think she might need a bulk delivery of wine on like a weekly basis while he’s there, but more on all his tomfoolery tomorrow.

a friend of mine made this and it’s so friggin hilarious I cannot stop laughing

One more little newsworthy item – I’ve been officially brought onto the Eventing Nation team to provide some regular breeding articles, as well as extensive breeding guides for all of the major events. We officially kicked it off yesterday with a “fun” Valentines Day themed piece to get the ball rolling. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to get all my nerdy info out to a bigger audience, and hopefully see what we can do about getting this info more mainstream. I’m especially interested in doing articles that might appeal to people who aren’t already involved in the breeding business or have experience with breeding, so if you guys have any ideas for what you might like to read about or learn more about, please let me know!

13 thoughts on “Chestnuttiest Marey-est

  1. Seashore Acres Sole Paint is great stuff for tender feet. It’s got DMSO in it so it is not the most pleasant smell, but it won’t make their feet brittle like some of the other stuff can do. I have used it on all my guys off the track and it’s helped them a ton. Also Gemma definitely looks like she’s put some weight on!

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  2. Congrats on the new gig! I have an idea for a series of columns – you could do advice columns for what lines to look for or avoid when on the market for a horse. Eg: a column for people looking for OTTBs, a column for for a purpose bred youngster for an up-and-coming rider, a column for an ammie who wants to event but not necessarily at the highest level, etc.

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  3. Congrats on the column!
    1000% agree about the halftime show. It was way too short; they should have canceled the rest of the game and just continued the concert. I wasn’t done watching that when it ended.


  4. Ooh congrats on the EN column! I will have to find a way to remember or be notified when you post there. Also love reading how Gemma’s evolving (but not so much as to compete with the honorary red-headed stablemate)


  5. Read your EN article yesterday and was really excited that you included Coud’Poker! I have my TB mare booked to him for this spring. It will be my first time breeding and I’m super excited!

    Maybe that’s something you could offer your Patreons or even as an extra side service, is breeding advice/consultation? People could send you info/photos of their mare and what their breeding goals are, and you could suggest stallions that you think would fit? And if the owner is willing, you could post the info on your Patreon for others to learn. I know that’s something I would certainly be willing to pay for!


    1. I love Cooper!

      I’ve thought about offering the breeding analysis stuff, and it’s definitely not off the table, but I need to wait until some of what I’ve taken on (kind of all at once 😅) levels out some. I’ve got a bit of a learning curve to master with the Patreon content, plus getting stuff out for EN, plus vlogs for the Futurity, plus this blog, etc. I’ll come back to the idea again in a couple months once I’m not quite so inundated with to-do’s.


  6. Congrats on your newest gig re: breeding. I have a Q though re track grooming – how do they do it & all the other things without crossties?


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