Just a Quick One (and a Thank You)…

Busy morning today, but I wanted to pop in real quick just to say thanks for all the messages and comments from yesterday’s Presto post. As usual he’s got a lot of people in his corner, and that counts for a lot. His Osteon arrived yesterday and his “team” in Midland is figuring out what his schedule will be for his therapies, so it’s very relieving to finally have some answers, a positive prognosis, and be moving forward with a plan. Very appreciative of how many people care about him and are invested in his success/future/life in general. It’s definitely lessened the weight on my shoulders. He’s lucky he’s cute.

I mean he’s not THIS cute anymore but he’s still pretty cute

A few people yesterday also asked for some Presto/Willow Tree Warmbloods swag. At this point I feel like Presto really is a WTW ambassador of sorts, so in my mind Presto swag and WTW swag are one in the same. He is the first WTW horse to hit the show ring after all, and part of the oldest crop. He reps his program (and thus his people) all the time wherever he goes, from his name to his saddle pad to his scrim sheet to his ring bag, and naturally my life revolves around WTW as well since I’ll soon be a resident of WTW East. So for those that were interested, I added some WTW stuff to the Barn Dog Apparel store… womens tees, unisex tees, long sleeves, hoodies, stickers, and a wine tumbler (if I was a drinker I would def be needing that wine tumbler right about now). Just scroll to the bottom of the storefront on the main page… I tried to give lots of color options too.


For everyone who asked about the BEMER I’m happy to put you in touch with Hillary, who is a distributor, just shoot me a PM. I’ve been meaning to do a BEMER post since we’ve been using it regularly on the horses at home… maybe next week! Also trying my best to finally get that “Where are they now” Foal Friday update post ready for y’all next week. I swear I haven’t forgotten, just… things. Things and stuff. I have a pretty exciting Grace update too! It feels like I can breathe a little bit again now at least… and perhaps not stuff all my emotions into Little Debbies (or not as many/as often, anyway…).

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Just a Quick One (and a Thank You)…

  1. As a fellow long-standing member of the Presto Fan Club, I was SO glad to read the update as I had really started to worry. What a roller-coaster ride your precious boy has given you, darn him! So very, very happy for you and him that you finally have an answer and can move forward with what sounds like a great treatment plan. I’m sure you are drawing the first deep breaths you’ve taken in weeks… animals with “something wrong” are the WORST, because they can’t tell us anything and it’s such an emotional, physical and unfortunately financial drain.

    I love knowing all the veterinary details for my “knowledge bank” (I had no idea Osphos is risky in youngsters, for one thing) so thank you for providing them.

    Everything crossed and prayers said for a complete recovery for Presto, and you take care of yourself, too!


  2. Happy to hear that Presto has a good prognosis. I too was concerned about him. Here’s to you (hopefully) being able to get a decent night’s sleep again.
    Interestingly enough there is a link today on a Facebook page I follow to a four year old video of Dr. Bramlage cautioning about bisphosphonates. I have watched the first 30 seconds only (it’s about 15 minutes long) but he starts out saying something along the lines of “I was asked to say a few words about bisphosphonates – – -Don’t use them.”

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  3. So I had a slightly bonkers idea yesterday while thinking about fundraising options . . . thoughts on Presto Pesto? Maybe complimented by Presto Pasta? Idk just spit balling here 😉


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