Squees and Twatches

It’s starting to feel like every post these days is me playing catch-up. Sorry about that. My brain hasn’t even had time to attempt more structured content. Time flies when you’re busy? Anyway, a lot has happened in the last week, so let’s go.

I saw the first BEBE HORSE of the year last week, and if that’s not worth mentioning then i dunno what is

Last Wednesday I took Grace out to the specialist/embryo transfer vet to drop her off for the breeding season. She was starting to show signs of coming into heat, and given that we’ve been trying to get Grace pregnant for a while, I figured taking her early would be best. They can start tracking her and try to get her bred as soon as it’s looking viable (hopefully in a couple weeks). It would be great if we could get an ET or two out of her this year, plus one for her to carry, but let’s just focus on getting her pregnant first. Since she was already starting to cycle I thought it was best to cut her winter riding a bit short and just go ahead and take her. Plus with work being so busy right now and the ground being so hard, I wasn’t succeeding in getting much riding done with her anyway. Fingers crossed we have some baby-making success this year! I’m feeling positive about it. Plus I got to squee at the two babies already on the ground at the vet’s place… always a highlight and totally worth the drive.

Squee at this, lady

The end of the week was consumed with prepping for a blast of winter weather, which rolled through on Friday and was luckily milder than anticipated. I have a lot of trust issues after Winter Storm Uri last year where they were EXTREMELY WRONG about how bad it would be and how long it would last. Luckily this particular wave was just some sleet and frigid temps, and the sleet didn’t accumulate on anything but the metal gates and my truck since it had been 80 the day before. I was still grumpy AF about it, but after last year I’ll (begrudgingly) take it.

i said begrudgingly

Otherwise the horses have been doing fine (knock on wood) through our continued yo-yo-ing weather. At this point we go back and forth from 80 to 25 so much that they’re just always getting salt and soaked feed, which they seem to be totally fine with. Gemma, to her credit, has been a trooper through all of it.

as long as there are cookies, she’s down

On a different note, I got a new XC vest last week! I won a decently sizeable gift card during Christmas from Ride Equisafe, and was finally able to get that Champion Ti22 vest that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. It fits great and is super comfortable, so once I actually get to ride in it a bit I’ll have to do a review. I love my Champion helmet, and so far I’m really pleased with the vest too.

And last but not least, I’ve become fairly obsessed with my secondhand Apple Watch (gifted by Hillary – she da real mvp) which I have lovingly nicknamed Twatch. It doesn’t care if I just spent 45 minutes doing a spin class, it’ll still ping me and be like “time to stand up!”. F you, twatch, I just sat down. But also thanks for tracking all my shit so I can look at my metrics. At this point I pretty much only use it for the Activity stuff and to control my Spotify when I’m in the barn, but it’s great for that. I walk a lot more than I thought I did (especially with Gemma here since she’s a little bit higher maintenance, thus I’m back and forth to the barn a lot more). I walked 55 miles the week before last and 49.5 last week. Plus it keeps track of all my workout stuff too, which is nice… I can keep track of my spin classes and weightlifting stuff more formally than what just lives in my head. So fancy. So modern. (I’m like the last person on earth to get with this technology, I know…)

Saturday was busy

We did have a fairly exciting outing with the horses (yep, plural!) this weekend too, but that’s a whole nother post for tomorrow… stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Squees and Twatches

  1. I love baby season our first one at the farm is due next month it will be this horses first baby. And O My Gosh that silly face that horse made I love it I am always taking pictures of the horses being silly 😀 Have an amazing horsey day ❤


  2. Long time lurker here, I hope Presto is doing well and would love an update on him when you have a chance! I know Miss Gemma is doing her best to keep you fully occupied


  3. All hail the Apple Watch! I held out, having treated myself to my dream “real’ watch before they came out, but I finally caved in when a coworker was selling her old one for only $75. I realized immediately that I could function infinitely better with one, if only because of the ‘find my phone’ feature. Worth. Every Penny. One terrible day the battery in the watch basically exploded (it was a First Gen so around seven or eight years old at that point) and once again I thought, nah, I can get along without it, I’d rather spend the $$ on something horsey. Nope. HAD to replace it so I went looking on FB Marketplace and got a super deal on a Gen 3. Bought it from some woman in Arkansas and it works PERFECTLY. Never again will I not have one!

    That looks like a REALLY nice vest and I’ll remember that if I wind up shopping for one. Cute bebe! I’m with AVblock, though, we badly need a Presto update please!


  4. I bought a Ti22 vest pretty much as soon as they hit the market a couple years ago. I LOVE IT. I wear it for trail rides, including my crazy long-ass competitions (20+ miles in a day), and I forget it’s on: even for 6-8 hours! I never felt too hot in it, though I’m one of those “northerners” that doesn’t get the heat and humidity that you do.

    I’d also love an update on Presto: I was thinking about him while hacking yesterday and how we haven’t heard about him in a while.


  5. My 1st generation apple watch recently fell apart….the screen came detached from the crown. I’d had it for 4 years and bought it secondhand, so I felt like I had gotten my money’s worth. I got myself an apple watch SE for Christmas and I am loving it.


  6. I am an android user, but I have yet to get on the smartwatch craze. I still use my Timex Marathon watch to time my rides. I look at smart watches, I have thought about smart watches, but haven’t committed yet. I think I would feel terribly ashamed about how little I move (hello Winter in Canada – it’s super cold & snowy right now and my hips & thighs indicate I am hibernating like a bad ass bear).
    I know I need to up my exercise game – but with my regular ride being pregnant & due in May and now on mat leave, I find myself lacking motivation.


  7. I got fitted for my Champion vest at Burghley and I freaking love it! Such a great fit and does not get in the way in the saddle!


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