Gemma’s Family Tree (and some history)

Surely y’all knew this was coming, right? I figured I might as well go ahead and do a post about Gemma’s breeding (and a bit about her history) while it was all still fresh in my mind.

Gemma’s JC name is Emily Who (all of her breeder’s horses names end in Who) and she raced 11 times starting in 2019 and most recently in December 2021. Astute observers may notice a gap in her race record between November 2020 and September 2021… this is because her breeder/owner retired from racing, brought all his horses home, and then an online herd dispersal sale was organized. That sale went live in the summer of 2021 (you can see Gemma’s sale video here… it’s nice to see what she’ll look like when she’s got some weight back on!), which I vaguely remember because Michelle and I had looked at the online catalog and bookmarked a few mares of interest.

Gemma when she was in “farm” shape instead of race shape

We didn’t end up buying anything from that sale obviously, but Gemma was sold to racing people, bought back to the track in September, and raced 4 times for them. While she never won a race, she was second a couple of times. This race was probably her best performance, where she finished second. She didn’t seem all that interested in being a racehorse. To make it all even slightly more ironic, her breeder lives in Lamesa TX which is where the vet clinic is that Presto spent so much time at as a foal. The world is really small sometimes.

Anyway, on to the pedigree side of things. Her breeding is the thing that attracted me to her most. Her sire Abstraction was an unknown to me (which makes sense, he’s a New Mexico based stallion and his oldest crop is just now coming 6, so it’s a bit too early to have seen sporthorses from him yet) but I was very familiar with the rest of his pedigree: Pulpit – Quiet American – Nureyev. Pulpit of course is an AP Indy son (we’ll circle back around and talk more about Pulpit in a bit), and we’ve talked about AP Indy a lot on this blog in the various In The Blood posts. He comes up A LOT in sport, especially in eventers. Quiet American is by Fappiano, another big one for eventers, and Nureyev is also seen in sport a ton.

Quiet End to an Era - BloodHorse
Quiet American

On the dam’s side she’s Crafty Prospector – Secretariat – Ack Ack – Forli. Her second damsire is Secretariat himself… you don’t see him up that close very much these days. Crafty Prospector shows up in the pedigree of plenty of sporthorses, including Jess Phoenix’s 5* horse Bogue Sound, Clark Montgomery’s 4*L horse Caribbean Soul , 3*L horse Banjo, and 3*L horse Outrageous Dance to name a few. And then of course on the bottom of the pedigree, Ack Ack and Forli are always good to see in an eventer.

What’s really interesting is that she’s bred quite similarly to two of my favorite thoroughbred sport stallions: eventers Saketini and Redtail Achiever. Saketini is by Bernardini, who is AP Indy x Quiet American. Saketini also has the mare Meadow Blue on his damline. Redtail Achiever is also by Bernardini so you get the AP Indy x Quiet American cross again, plus his damsire is by Mr P, he’s also got Nureyev and Bold Ruler, and they both have Ack Ack on the damline as well.

Claiborne Drops Pulpit's Fee - BloodHorse

Ok now back to Pulpit himself, her sire’s sire. I was particularly interested to see him in a mare because two of my favorite up and coming 4*L event horses – Sorocaima (Buck Davidson) and Campground (Erin Sylvester) are out of Pulpit mares. You see plenty of Pulpit in eventing at all levels as well as jumpers up to 1.35, but he does seem particularly effective on the dam’s side of the pedigree.

Sorocaima โ€” BDJ Equestrian

I’ll stop there, otherwise we’ll be here all day, but that’s a brief peek into her pedigree and why it appealed to me as both a sporthorse and a broodmare. That combined with her conformation and her movement made her impossible to pass up!

12 thoughts on “Gemma’s Family Tree (and some history)

  1. I’m sure either this is coming later or hasn’t really been decided, but is she a show and breed prospect or a show and sell prospect? I’m hoping for show and breed then there can be blog posts about you and Hil fighting over the foals. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    She’s nice, so I’m excited to see where she goes regardless!


  2. Just out of curiosity, do you remember her from the sales catalog, and if so, did you mark her? What changed for you between now and then? I ask because I think you have a very keen eye for horses, and would love to know your thought process. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. She walks out lovely. Nice long strides and square. The dude is a bit lame though:) She’s definitely one of those that just screams look at me even when she’s not doing much of anything. Could be good. Could be bad. Let’s hope for the former:) It will be fun to see her offset white legs when she’s under saddle.


  4. I mentioned in a comment on your first post, when I worked on one of the top TB farms in KY, the Pulpit offspring were my favorites. It’s interesting to see the success of some of the Pulpit lines in eventing. I wasn’t aware of that. It will be fun following along on her journey.


  5. Very nice. My eye is always caught by those horses that at walk look like they’re stalking… Like some kind of big cat. There’s always a lot athleticism in horses that walk like that.


  6. I recently bought a mare by Lucky Pulpit (sire Pulpit) and sire of California Chrome. A local trainer said she LOVES Lucky Pulpit bred horses. They are very amateur friendly horses. My mare is extremely sweet and I hope Gemma, with similar bloodlines, turns out to be the same. Best wishes. I love, love love red mares. Mine is a gorgeous grey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I was surprised to see Secretariat so close in her pedigree too! Pulpit is gorgeous, I’m not sure I’ve actually seen him before. Or at least not stood up like that.
    Can’t wait to follow along on Gemma’s journey!


  8. So THAT’S why she seemed so familiar to me! I casually stalk the Thoroughbred (and Sporthorse) Auction sites and I remember that sale! (All those “Who” names for a start…)
    Mystery solved – whew!


  9. She is so beautifully put together and all that copper and chrome is the icing on the cake. Sheโ€™s so lovely, Iโ€™m excited for you


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