Foal Friday: Pippa’s Glamour Shots

We’re slowly but surely wrapping up our 2021 Glamour Shots series! Weaning time is just around the corner, which will mean no more Foal Fridays for a while… I know, I’m sad just thinking about it too. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

This week we’ve got Pippa, who was the first foal of the season and she definitely started us off with a bang. Originally she had been claimed pretty much immediately by an upper level rider/repeat customer, but as Pippa has matured Michelle got the gut feeling that this one was something special and really wanted to keep her in the breeding program.

An agreement was reached and we’re happy to say that Pippa will instead be retained by WTW for future breeding. She will also have some kind of sport career, but Michelle thought Pippa was just too nice to leave the program entirely. Always gotta go with your gut on these things!

Pippa is 81% blood, has a sire that ran 5* and then was a young rider mount, and while her dam’s oldest foal is only a yearling he also is looking very promising, so we feel like she’s definitely outproducing herself. All of those things combined make Pippa an exciting addition to the breeding program in the future. Not to mention that she’s bold, smart, people-oriented, and very level-headed. Can’t let this one go!

Y’all will be seeing lots more of this girl in the future.

Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Pippa’s Glamour Shots

  1. I love to see broodmares that have had some sort of sport career, so can’t wait to follow along and hopefully see her out competing and then producing some nice babies!


  2. Pippa is gorgeous and I’m glad Michelle gets to keep (another) one. It must be hard to give them up.
    I have to admit though, I’m really looking forward to Percy’s day in the spotlight.


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