Foal Friday: Obi’s Glamour Shots

Alright, back to the regular Foal Friday gig! This week we’ve got Mr. Obi’s fancy dressed up glamour shots and boy did he ever decide to wear his fancypants for this particular photo shoot. A lot of the time Obi isn’t one to waste energy but I guess all he needed was a crowd, because he definitely put on a show for everyone. Where did these moves come from, baby hippo?

I kind of can’t believe that no one has snatched this dude up yet, to be honest. His brother gets a lot of love but I think Obi might be my “sleeper” pick of this year’s crop. He’s got an absolute ton of personality too, I think he’ll be fun.

Put some braids in him and all the sudden he rises to the occasion, I suppose! I think Obi is a lot fancier than he may seem most of the time. And bold. And cheeky.


Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Obi’s Glamour Shots

  1. I do not prefer geldings nor do I need a foal, but my goodness he’s been my pick since he was born. Bold, cheeky, and adorable. Check, check, check! Good thing for my bank account and my husband that he isn’t a filly!


    1. If Obi was a filly she most definitely would NOT be for sale LOL!!! So I guess our husbands are both grateful for the plumbing on this one!!


      1. HAHA! I had a feeling that if Obi was a she, she wouldn’t be for sale! 🤣 You have some gorgeous babies Michelle!! 😍


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