Logo’d Up

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s supporting the people and programs that I really believe in. And, as you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of the Willow Tree Warmbloods breeding program. I mean, I’m part of it so I’m biased, and Presto bears the WTW suffix, but ya know. I’m proud of what Michelle has built so far and am very proud to rep the farm and happy to help put the name out there as much as possible. Therefore, I have a lot of WTW logo stuff.

the last batch

As Presto begins to wind down his time in training, and the transition back over to me becomes more and more real, I find myself doing a weird equestrian version of nesting and prepping. I can’t really do anything right now except think about what we might do and where we might go next year. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I have no problem being a walking advertisement for WTW. Plus, like, the logo that Britt made is pretty sweet, so why not show it off. I’ve slowly been adding bits and pieces to my WTW apparel and equipment.

Mina is a big fan of the belt in particular

When Presto was a wee baby mostly I had stuff like a grooming towel, and a scrim sheet, and a polo shirt… stuff I could use when he was showing in hand. Plus the decals on my truck and trailer. Now that he’s a bonafide Real Horse it’s time to start expanding a bit. He got his fancy bonnet back when he went to Megan, because ya know… gotta have a fancy hat. I love his bonnet and how professional it looks, and I think the logo turned out great (it came from Equine Bonnets and only took a week – highly recommend). Otherwise though he wears Megan’s logo stuff, since obviously it’s easier for her to use her own pads and whatnot, and fair enough for her to also rep her own program.

But now that he’s headed back to me soon, I figured it’s time to start expanding on both his and my stuff and add a few pieces at a time so that we’re fully locked and loaded and logo’d to death by the time we ever actually hit a horse show. That’s part of the point, right? Pretty sure.

I’ve been needing to buy him some saddle pads anyway – all I’ve got are Henry’s sheepskin-lined ones and Presto can’t wear those because he needs the shimmable half pad. Oddly out of all the things I collect, saddle pads are not one of them. I have very few. But seeing Megan’s Pro Choice saddle pads this year, I actually really liked them, so I got him one of their XC ones – white with navy trim. Which…. uh… I kinda forgot until this moment that he needs pads for stadium and dressage too so good job self. You can see what phase I care about most. Anyway, I did order him the XC pad already anyway, and I definitely plan on having the WTW logo put on it. I just can’t decide which way I prefer the logo.

On one hand, the top one sits nicely with the shape of the pad and the text is bigger/easier to read, but the bottom is the classic WTW logo format and is more recognizable. There’s also room beside it to pin my bridle number if I don’t want it on his head or breastplate. Pros and cons. I put it to an Instagram poll but the results were almost 50/50 so that didn’t help much. The only thing I’ve decided for sure is that it’ll have the logo on one side and his name on the other.

I also snagged a banner and a stall sign on super sale from Vistaprint, we’ll see how they turn out.

The whole world will definitely know about WTW if I have anything to say about it. Like people will be begging me to stop soon. No shame in my game.

What is y’alls favorite logo item?

15 thoughts on “Logo’d Up

  1. My saddle pad preference would be the bottom one: it looks a little more “polished” I think.

    For me, I’m all about that belt! Or maybe a ball cap, horse shows are about the only place I ever wear ball caps.


  2. Personally, I like the angled logo better – it fills the space really nicely.

    Also (and the real reason I departed lurkerdom) – not sure if you realized it or not, but you’re sharing your phone number with the interwebs by posting the stall sign in its entirety…


  3. I like the first saddle pad logo better but I would want to turn the jumping horse to upright position. I say get Mina a WTW dog collar. I like that belt too!


    1. Yes, this! Angled name but rotate the round logo. I knew there was something that bugged me even though I like the angled design better.

      I think all this logo stuff is awesome. Especially love the belt! Where did you find that? I would like to get one for my trainer with her logo.


  4. i ned a WTW hat. just saying. Badly 🙂 And i love the first saddle pad BUT agree the second one looks better. I would get both 🙂 PS I have already given her phone number out to everyone 😉 HAHAHHA


  5. Another vote for the bottom picture of the pad and logo – it fills the white space nicely. I am a t-shirt junkie, so are any of those available? I’d wear it in a heartbeat. I can see a couple of really cute designs in my head!


      1. I *thought* you had posted about an online store, but a quick search didn’t let me find it, sorry! The t-shirt is really cute, but I love that jacket!


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