Let’s talk white breeches

At first the title was “let’s talk whites” and I realized at the very last possible second that it might not really attract the demographic I was looking for as it applies to non-horse people. Crisis averted, hopefully.

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Anyway yes this is another breeches post, the second in a row, because look y’all trying to rebuild an entire breeches collection from the bottom up is a fucking task, OK? I think I’m good on schooling breeches now, but I haven’t yet tackled the show breeches side of things.

My old show breeches were all Horze Grand Prix, and I like them fine, so I could just go that route again. I haven’t really looked at or shopped for whites since like… 2017… so maybe there are a lot more/better options out there now that I need to know about. If I shat money I’d just go buy a few pair of Strucks, because I LOVE that the interior of them is tan, therefore you can’t see a damn thing through them, and they come in every size (26, 27, 28, 29, etc). However I really need like 2-3 pairs and $300 x 2 or 3 just is not happening. I also know that what is usually my favorite fabric for breeches – no cotton, thin, stretchy, breathable – tends to not be the best when it comes to whites unless you’re a fan of everyone also seeing your underwear.

SO – let’s discuss. What white breeches do you have)? How see-through are they? What’s their price point? How’s the fit (rise, length, true to size, straight fit or curvy fit)?

I can only speak for ones I’ve had recently:

Horze Grand Prix – not really see-through, $120, fit about one size large, slightly long, good for curvy fit.

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Tell me what you like!

17 thoughts on “Let’s talk white breeches

  1. I had to get new whites this year, I previously had the Pikeur Lucindas which I scored on eBay cheap but they do NOT wash up well. They are my schooling breeches now for clinics lol

    I got the Horze Daniellas in white and I am loving them. Probably my fav white breeches so far. Wash up well and super comfy and stretchy.

    You may have already tried that style, I can’t remember so if so my apologies!


  2. For schooling and showing, I’ve ended up with six pairs of the Ariat Tri Factors. I like the X-Grip ones for showing, since they have zippers on the back instead of the faux-flap. Stretchy and thinner, but soft and don’t feel cheap like a lot of other thin breeches do. They’re also Ice Fil. The white aren’t see through. I can’t attest for stain resistance, but the other colors seem to look brand new after washing.


  3. I’ve had so many over the years because I couldn’t find a pair I loved for a long time (admittedly also poor and won’t spend $300).

    Current go-to choices are:

    Ovation Celebrity Slim Secret. $115. Pretty flattering and high rise for the curvy athletic body (aka, no booty gap). Cannot see my cellulite, but I wouldn’t wear bright red undies either. Not bad material, but not magic either.

    Free Ride Equestrian Lux Hybrid. $90. Basically high quality leggings with a really nice material. Because of the legging status, they fit a lot of body types well. Hybrid is good because look a little nicer for shows than just leggings. Downside is because leggings, you will get an underwear line. Tucked in shirt color isn’t visible (I’ve tried navy, white, and green) but still wouldn’t wear red undies. For sure the more comfy of the two.


  4. I don’t wear whites unless it’s specifically stated in the rules that I must! With a white horse they just make your horse look dirty, and since at the level I ride, a light beige or tan is totally acceptable, that’s what I wear. If I can ever find an affordable pair of light grey (NOT charcoal grey), I’m so on those too….but I haven’t yet.

    That said, my Horze Grand Prixs are my absolute go-to breeches as well. My mom has a white pair for dressage and loves them, not see through, reasonably flattering on her not-30-anymore figure (LOL), and comfy. Go with what you know!


    1. I bought the Kerrits Affinity grey color for showing, and actually really like it. It’s nice and light and the silicone knee patches are pretty sturdy. I think they discontinued the grey (boo) but I think TheTackHack bought their discontinued stock, if you’re interested.


  5. I have two pairs of Goode Rider white breeches. I cannot handle even slightly see through, so these are a bit thicker material but I don’t care because no see through. They’ve changed slightly since last purchased, but the fact that I have white breeches for years is a testament to their durability. This model closely resembles what I have and really like, just newer version: https://gooderider.com/collections/full-seat-tights-breeches-new


  6. I love whites even though I really don’t have a good reason to wear them – I’ve only shown at schooling shows. I have Romfh Sarafinas (good opacity, nice quality fabric), and Kerrits Grip Tek (so sheer that even my tan underwear was visible, I had to go undie-less 😳), but kept my bum gripped to the tack when I was nervous, ha. The Romfhs washed really well, the Kerrits just okay.

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    1. I also have Romfh Sarafinas and have been happy with them… they are my first pair of white breeches but I’ve also been happy at how well they wear and wash up, and the fabric is comfortable while not being see-through.


  7. Seconding the Free Ride ones – super comfy, but yes definitely a hybrid legging/breech so maybe not what you’re looking for. I have a navy pair I love, so I just went with a white pair for showing rather than trying out other options. I do feel like they’re a bit on the large/tall size – I’m in between M/L and like the M fit.


  8. I’ve only ever had TS white breeches. It’s been many years since I’ve had an opportunity to wear them, but I don’t recall them being see through. I like the trophy hunter fabric, but it’s probably a little too heavy for your liking I think.


    1. I won’t buy TS anymore because of the owner of the company and how they conduct their business. Too bad because their breeches are ok and I do like their sunshirts.


  9. B.Vertigo Tiffany – good thin fabric, but not too revealing, unless your undies are bright. Their full seat silicone is thin and not too sticky. The higher V shaped waist in the back makes me very happy. They run a smidge big, especially compared to their other breeches. I also have a pair from Halter Ego, which are ok. The material is a little thicker, but they have a black full seat which I prefer. And the full seat material is ok, not too heavy and not that terrible plasticky stuff on Kerrits.


  10. My favorite so far are the PS of Sweden Robyns. I had a coupon code, so made it affordable and something about the material makes it to where the stains are SO easy to get out and they look almost brand new after washing. I did go down a size in the Robyns. I’m normally between a 30-32 and got a 28 US (40 UK) in the Robyn with plenty of room to be comfortable. I also ordered the Montar Molly Yati breeches thinking they were also comfortable and flattering; however, as soon as I got in the saddle, I was stuck. The thighs became very restrictive/tight. I walked around in them all day completely comfortable so not sure why they were so restrictive in the saddle. For what it’s worth, I like high waist breeches and I’m curvy. My favorite every day breeches are the PSOS Nathalie (wishing they came in white).


  11. I’ve just (arrived today) got a pair of Horze Nordic performance breeches in white, they’ll be having their first show outing this weekend. But from trying them on they’re a great fabric, friendly silicone seat that doesn’t seem like it’ll never let you leave the saddle and the best part, NAVY waistband and piping. Honestly I’m slightly in love and really hope they perform well!


  12. I actually have a pair of fair play breeches that I LOVE. Around 180 so not cheap but better than 300! I just bought a pair of tan ovation slim secret that I really like as well, but can’t speak to their white breeches


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