Foal Friday, Video Version: Ridiculousness

I’m not sure if I’ve successfully captured, via photos, just how ridiculous these foals can be. Obi and Teddy in particular, but all of them are quite hilarious and silly in their own rights. So instead of photos this week, I put together some clips to make a short video that hopefully gives you a little additional insight into these goofballs, their personalities, and their herd dynamic. There’s a little bit of Obi and Patrick (ever patient Patrick), some of Teddy practicing her jumping skills, some Percy zoomies, a case study in how colts play vs how fillies play, and then a bonus clip of Sadie trying her best (and failing miserably) to be the bossmare of the broodmare herd.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Foal Friday, Video Version: Ridiculousness

  1. Patrick has the patience of a saint. Is he sold?
    Pippa is adorable jumping over that fence rail. Can’t wait to see her all grown up!
    And what exactly was Sadie so mad about?! Haha! The other mares were just minding their business and Sadie wanted to hulk smash something so badly!


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