Foal Friday: Yeeeeeeehaw

First and foremost – small announcement before we get started with the weekly dose of foal cuteness. We’ve gotten a lot of requests for WTW merch and thanks to our friends at Two Socks Designs we officially have a store for Willow Tree Warmbloods! There are a handful of basic items in there to start, and we can add more if there’s enough demand. You can also special order things if you’d like, the logo is on file, or you can get different colors by request. I also want to note that WTW is not making any kind of profit from any of this, we just wanted to be able to offer some logo stuff to those of you that have requested it, and support a great (woman-owned, Texas-based) small business at the same time. Cutting ourselves out as middle man also keeps the prices lower and orders moving faster. Fun fact – Sydney of Two Socks Designs owns Manny, from the WTW class of 2018. Gotta keep in in the family! Alright, on to the cute babies!

Some Foal Friday photo days you get a camera roll full of cute or classy little foal pictures. On other Foal Friday photo days you get a camera roll full of, well…

we breed high quality jumping llamas

For this week’s photo shoot the babies were just plain WILD, which… hey, at least it’s entertaining? They ran…

They played…

And Obi even made a dreadful mistake in letting a yeehaw loose right in Pippa’s face.

oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no

Don’t worry, she chased him down and reminded him exactly who she is and that she’s not to be trifled with.

well well well, if isn’t the consequences of your actions, Obi

And, ya know, since girls gotta stick together, Teddy made a quick little lap and buzzed right past their butts afterward for good measure

girls rule *zoomzoomzoom*
Pippa’s victory lap. Still the Queen.

I’ll give Obi credit though, he is delightfully undeterred by being put in his place. He has all of about 2 seconds of regret before he shrugs it off and is back at it (with maybe just a little bit wider buffer between himself and the fillies, of course).


While Percy isn’t generally front and center into the real hardcore play sessions (he’s not stupid and neither is his mother), don’t think that he isn’t participating. He has plenty of moments of his own.

lookit this big kid!

He gets PLENTY rowdy, especially in a vertical direction.

That’s not to say that the other kiddos don’t interact and play with him though, they definitely do. In their own way of course.

I’m Pippa and I’m better than you!

Poor Percy… he’s getting there.

They do eventually calm down. Sort of. As much as possible for baby horses, anyway. I’m not sure that Obi really has an Off switch.

Chanel can attest to that!

Happy Foal Friday, everyone!

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