Foal Friday: Percy Joins the Herd

I get asked for Percy updates all the time, so clearly I’m not living up to expectations with the Percy content. Truthfully there wasn’t a lot to say when he was sequestered in his own small paddock. With him being born dysmature it takes quite a while for their joints and stuff to catch up, so they can’t be allowed to run around and be rowdy as much as the other foals. He’s also a good bit younger than the others, so he’d be smaller than them even without the dysmaturity factor, thus it took some time before he got cleared to go into a larger turnout or play with other foals. However… I’m pleased to say that the wait is over.

Percy’s progress has continued to be slow but steady, which is really a good thing. He’s continued to get stronger, his legs aren’t as lax, he’s more proportionate, and he’s filled out a bit.

remember when he was born he could very easily fit under his surrogate dam

He kind of does that thing where he fills out really nicely, then grows upward a ton and looks reedy again, then chunks back out, then shoots up, etc etc. Typical baby growth spurts, but his seems to cycle through a bit quicker than the others as his body tries to catch up.

But, he’s really mastered his legs now, and they’re strong enough to support him even when he leaps and gallops around like a normal foal.

So, given all that, it was time for him to join the rest of the herd.

Percy is a pretty bold guy naturally, and marched right over towards everyone.

Granted, he’s been sequestered by himself for so long, and it’s hard to join an established herd of boisterous outgoing babies and territorial mares, so once they got closer he got a little intimidated and decided to stick behind his mother a bit. Percy’s smart.

To literally no one’s surprise, Obi and Teddy were the first members of the welcoming committee to come say hello.

Teddy lost interest pretty quickly when she realized he wasn’t that entertaining.

Obi has decided he likes him though, (Obi likes everyone) and is really good at drawing the other babies out to join his mischief. Percy is no different and really hasn’t taken much convincing.

Obi took him under his wing and it didn’t take long before Percy was pretty much a fully integrated member of the crew.

Percy has done well out there with everyone so far, and has settled in pretty quickly. It’s easy to forget that he’s really not even 3 months old yet, he’s come quite a long way from that tiny wobbly little baby we first met. Hopefully he continues to flourish out there in his big pasture with his new friends.

Happy Friday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Percy Joins the Herd

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to see that Percy has joined the group and his transition went smoothly. Being one of those who enquired, I am happy to see him thriving, especially after his rough/early start.


  2. Good boy, Percy! ❤ He looks so much better, but he's still adorable in a dorky kind of way. I'm sure he's going to outgrow that soon and become a strapping youngster like the others!


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