Blog Hop Olympics Style

Now that the dressage and eventing are done and dusted and half of the showjumping is done, now seems like as good a time as any for an Olympic style blog hop, while everything is still fresh in our minds.

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So, tell me:

What’s been your favorite moment?

What horse you’d most like to ride?

What horse you’d most like to own?

What horse hadn’t you seen before that put itself on your radar?

What was your favorite cross country round?

What was your favorite dressage test?

What horse would you give the “good do-er” award?

What horse and rider looks to have the most fun partnership?

Tullabeg Flamenco

What’s been your favorite moment? Julia winning individual gold. That was just a super freaking exciting finish and a big #girlpower moment, how could I not pick it.

What horse you’d most like to ride? It is still, and probably always will be until the day he retires, Tullabeg Flameco. I just love the zest with which he does he job, how hard he tries, and how genuine he is. Sam often says that anyone could ride him and I volunteer as tribute to test that theory.

What horse you’d most like to play “owner” for? Omg, Vassily de Lassos hands down. What a fun horse that must be to own, and Andrew seems like one of the genuinely nicest riders on the planet.


What horse hadn’t you seen before that put itself on your radar? I’ve seen The Quizmaster before somewhere, I know, but I’ve never really SEEN The Quizmaster before. That horse really jumped out at me, loved the type, loved the jump and the overall style of the horse. It’s a shame they got a TE for jumping the combination wrong at the water, because the horse was really rocking and rolling around that course. Also interesting to me because it’s by Albaran xx, you know I love a good TB sire.

The Quizmaster

What was your favorite cross country round? How could I not say Vassily? He’s just incredible. I have to give a shout to Ballaghmor Class too though, Ollie really came out guns blazing and gave us all a riding lesson right out of the gate.

What was your favorite dressage test? Ok, none of the eventers had a really great dressage test except maybe Michi, so I’m gonna hop over to the real dressage folks for this one. I had two – the first was Sabine’s in the team final where she really stepped up and threw down a fantastic test to bump the US up to Silver. That was amazing to watch. And then of course how could I not pick “Rave Horse” – Steffan’s freestyle was really fun (two words I rarely say about dressage), and seeing it take off all over social media has been hilarious. I’ve seen more dressage TikTok’s from muggles in the past week than I ever imagined possible. Who knew dressage could go viral?

What horse would you give the “good do-er” award? I’m torn between two eventers: Gurza and Tayberry. Gurza, bless her, made it work from some pretty questionable distances all weekend long. She never said no and never stopped trying, which of course makes sense because she’s a very high blood chestnut mare. So much heart in that one. And Tayberry, sweet tiny little wonderful 20 year old Tayberry, chugged right on through to the finish with his Chinese rider. He was slow but steady and they had a great completion. Both of those horses were just so kind and tried so hard for their people.

What horse and rider looks to have the most fun partnership? I loved DSP Fighting Line and Lea Seigl. She’s only 23 years old, the youngest rider in the eventing competition, and has come up through the international level along with that horse, who was a really fun little firecracker. You could tell they knew each other very well and even when he had a lot of yeehaw antics she just sat chilly and gave him a pat and went on with it. He tried his heart out for her and she rode him beautifully to finish 15th overall.

Tell me who your favorites were!

11 thoughts on “Blog Hop Olympics Style

    1. I’ve actually quite liked the coverage on the app with Lucinda Green and John Kyle. This morning’s showjumping final was the first bit of “real NBC” that I’ve experienced and yeah… that was shit. It’s been great up to now though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s nice. But if you don’t have a cable subscription you are up shit creek. Cable isn’t available where I live so there is no reason to have it. And we don’t have a television so the only way I could watch would be on an app or computer.


        1. Yeah all my friends that don’t have cable had to buy some kind of pass or subscription to get access. Luckily my SO has a cable account still because he’s a nascar fanatic, so I used his login on my laptop or the smart tv (that he also bought and put up LOL).


  1. I’ve loved Lucinda Green and John Kyle, they’ve been stellar through the whole series.
    I’m really hoping that the dressage community is taking note, that music and performances like Steffan Peters’ are ones we want to see. It was truly a performance that felt fun and relevant. While there were plenty of beautiful dressage rides, the music in so many of them were putting me to sleep.


  2. The Equiratings Eventing podcast has had Paula Evans, the owner of Vassily, on three podcasts recently and he truly does seem like SUCH a fun horse to own.


  3. I have been limited to watching whatever my local NBC station airs. I saw what they showed of individual showing jumping so I know I missed out on a lot. But the feel good moment for me was watching the rider from Japan, Daisuke Fukushima and his handsome chestnut horse, go clear in the last two rounds and placing sixth in the final standings. He was previously ranked the 600th rider in the world. Good for him for making such a good show at his home Olympics!


  4. What’s been your favorite moment?
    When Malgorzata Cybulska lost her stirrup and still completed the XC (although she was later eliminated for missing a fence). What a badass.

    What horse you’d most like to ride?
    Gurza. What a sweet, sweet mare. Holy crow.

    What horse you’d most like to own?
    Unfortunately, he did not complete the games and was euthanized but Jet Set stole my heart when he started out on XC. He was all legs and looked like he had such zest for his job. I feel for his rider and all of his connections – how heartbreaking.

    And also definitely fell in love with Viscera – what a little power-house that mare is, and with just one eye to boot!


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