Foal Friday: MeetBall

Now that the babies are confident in themselves and officially old enough to be unlikely to hurt themselves if they pull some kamikaze stunts, it was time to introduce everyone’s favorite toy – the ball! Some years its a hit, some years it’s not. Manny loved it maybe the most ever, and Ollie had some good times with it too.

It always starts with the ball outside of the fence first, so everyone feels safe enough to come up and investigate, and give it a sniff. You’ll never guess who was the first to come over.

These ponies man, they are bold

Of course, Obi is in a major “ME TOO ME TOO” phase where he simply must be part of everything, so he was quick to walk over and see what the weird new thing was too.

Once everyone had sniffed their fill and seemed comfortable with it, the ball was dropped over the fence and they were left to their own devices.

It didn’t take Obi long to decide that the best approach was chaos.

Although Teddy was quick to get in there, roll it away from the fence, and give it a piece of her mind too. The difference between the colt approach and the filly approach is pretty hilarious.

Pippa came over and checked it out at one point but couldn’t really figure out what all the fuss was about. It’s just a dumb ball. She’s far too mature and refined for that kind of thing.

She did end up calling a pasture meeting, though, so they could all discuss their thoughts on the new addition.

Patrick RSVP’d as Pending because heck no he ain’t getting involved in any of that foolishness, nooo thank you.

I can see it just fine from over here, thanks

Which is probably just as well, because about halfway through the meeting Obi’s attention span went out the window and he just couldn’t control his feet or his mouth anymore.

I’m totally listening to this meeting
oops I dunno how this got in my mouth
better stomp it

I have to say though, I think the real winner when it comes to ball shenanigans was Percy. Now THIS is a stomp. Little dude’s got some moves.


Happy Friday! Hope you have as much fun with your day as these kiddos did.

3 thoughts on “Foal Friday: MeetBall

  1. Fantastic pick-me-up on a Friday! Also, Pippa is just stunning. So elegant and refined. Can’t wait to see how she matures.


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