Foal Friday: Chaos vs Cuteness

I don’t have any time today to dedicate to spinning the usual little Foal Friday tale, so instead I figured I’d let the pictures tell their own story this week. One balanced with equal parts chaos and cuteness, because that’s really what foals are, after all, and this group certainly has plenty of both.

Patrick’s no-good, very-hard life
I’m KING OF DA WORLD – Obi, probably
Pippa’s always got moves
but so does Teddy
can you believe how white Patrick’s face is shedding out?
FFF = Filly Friends Forever
Patrick didn’t want to be left out of the dance moves
It’s all fun and games until somebody turns on that sprinkler
I’m not sure that Pippa ever actually stands still
Teddy tried to help Patrick pull all the halters down but he didn’t approve of her technique
Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Chaos vs Cuteness

  1. Kinda forgot how small Teddy (“my” birthday pony!) is compared to Pippa! But they are all so cute. I love Foal Friday!


  2. Pippa’s grown soooo big – and I can’t wait for dorkward weanling Patrick in his little grey coat, lol. Also, Teddy just radiates pony attitude!


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