2021 Baby Bets Contest Winner(s)!

Well, our 2021 foal crop is officially complete. Unfortunately last week when Michelle checked the mare that was carrying Lissa’s second ET, she found her to not be in foal. She must have aborted sometime early on, after all the initial pregnancy checks, and being a chonky little QH mare it wasn’t really obvious until the end of term. Definitely sucks to not get Percy a full sibling, but at the same time it’s been a long hard stressful foaling season and there’s some relief at finally being at the end of it. Plus, like, who can complain about the 5 little cuties we did get? The class of 2021 is pretty cute.

Pippa WTW – Leprince des Bois x A Firm Question xx
Patrick WTW (aka Patticakes) – Faustino de Tili x Chanel Z (Crown Z)
Padawan WTW (aka Obi) – Faustino de Tili x Chanel Z (Crown Z)
Pheodora WTW (aka Teddy) – Usandro Tilia Derlenn x Stormie
Perseverance WTW (aka Percy) – Utrillo x Lasilissa (Lasino)

Pippa is spoken for and Teddy is a keeper, but the colts will be available for sale. There were a few big moments with this crop, particularly with the birth of WTW’s first embryo transfer foal (Patrick) as well as Michelle’s much coveted grulla sportpony filly – exactly what she ordered. We also had no red-based foals this year, only bay and black (although Patrick and Percy will go gray), and a couple daytime births: one at 3pm and one at 5pm. Comparing and contrasting the two full siblings, Obi and Patrick, has been pretty interesting. There are some similarities but also plenty of differences, not only in how they look but also in their personalities. Genetics are funny.

As for the Baby Bets contest, while in years past it’s been a really tight race right down to the wire, this year we had a very clear and decisive winner. Bethkira finished with a whopping 80 points, with the next closest competitors having 65. Much of her success is attributed to the fact that she very impressively (what kind of voodoo magic are you working with, girl?) guessed all 5 colors correctly, and 4 out of 5 genders. She also got Lark’s foaling date and Stormie’s foaling time, plus some of the markings. That was a much deserved win. Bethkira please shoot me a message or email so we can get you your $100 gift card!

100 Dollar Bill GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

We do also want to recognize a couple other really good efforts. Two runners up had 65 points each, Kelly Synnott and Sydney Salle. We’re in the process of setting up a WTW merch store with Two Socks Designs, and as soon as it’s open we’d like to comp you guys an item of your choice up to $30 value. Drop me a message with your email and once Two Socks is ready to open the shop we’ll get you guys hooked up with something. I think Kelly deserves a special shoutout too because she guessed the foaling date, color, gender, and leg markings of Teddy, along with the comment “all I want for my bday is Michelle to get her grulla filly out of Stormie!” – that’s exactly what happened, so the good juju paid off and was much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who played along with the contest this year, and congrats to the winners! Whether you won or not we hope you’re enjoying the Foal Friday posts, and now WTW is hard at work creating our 2022 crop.

5 thoughts on “2021 Baby Bets Contest Winner(s)!

  1. Congratulations to the winners! I feel like we all win with foal Friday and I can’t wait to see the WTW store on Two Socks Designs. I’d love to have a saddle pad with the logo.


  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of Lissa’s ET. But big congrats to Bethkira for her impressive fortune telling! The highs and lows of horse breeding, I tell you. And while I maintain that I ‘never win anything’, I appreciate the gift certificate for my runner-up position and the nod that I feel like I (and Michelle) won with my birthday wish! I will send you my email through FB messenger. Thanks to all! Cannot wait to hear more about the 2022 breeding plans and see more photos of WTW 2021 !


  3. I have been loving following these foals journeys along and so shocked I was even in the running for winning!! The crop that came out this year is just extremely adorable and I am so glad I now follow WTW on all socials to keep up with these cuties and past cuties. I will also send my email through FB messenger. Very excited for this WTW Merch! Thank you for running this contest. Always so much fun!!

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  4. I’m impressed with the winner’s accuracy! Should definitely play the lotto with that voodoo!
    Congrats to all! But especially to Michelle for getting through foaling season.


  5. Can’t wait to have Foal Friday of my own to get y’all through your winter, since we’re down south 😀
    All the WTW babies are just breathtaking!


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