Foal Friday: And Then There Were Four

First and foremost – Percy is doing really well. The laxity in his legs has rapidly improved, he’s graduated to a slightly larger turnout space, and he continues to be perky and happy and is eating well.

he has the best ears

He’s really started to figure out those limbs now and what was a very spidery canter is quickly turning into a pretty good little gallop. He definitely is still a little on the smaller side and needs to gain some weight, but there’s already marked improvement in his muscle tone even just since last weekend. He should continue to look a bit better (or more like a “normal” foal, really) week over week. He certainly doesn’t seem to know that he’s had any struggles though, judging by his spunk!

comin in hot!

It’ll be a while before Percy gets to join the other kiddos in the big pasture, but they did have a new addition to their crew – Teddy joined the party! As usual, Pippa was the first one interested in the new arrival, and the first one to try to approach to say hello. Stormie was not very interested in that.

the resident creeper

When attempting to approach by herself didn’t work, Pippa roped her mother into her scheme, maybe thinking that Stormie would be more accepting of a familiar mare.

Poor Peyton, this is Pippa’s world and she’s just living in it

Stormie, however, still wasn’t particularly interested in that. According to her she clearly has the best baby of the bunch and all the other mares are probably just trying to steal her. And why is Stormie so sure she has the best baby? Because Teddy is a total little Mini-Me. Stormie 2.0 but in Stormie’s original color.

the ego is strong with these two

They both have that “yeah we know we’re the best” attitude that ponies so often seem to possess, plus they’re mares, and now there’s TWO of them. Lord help the farm. Luckily Teddy is very snuggly and sweet to people, just like her dam, but they both feel like they’re the Queen Bees of the pasture. Teddy did eventually settle in and play with Pippa (after the camera left of course) so clearly she will deign to mix with the commoners when it suits her.

Pippa is pretty good at entertaining herself though, with her constant zoomies. I swear I could do an entire Foal Friday post every single week with just pictures of Pippa galloping. She’s gotta be fit enough to run around Kentucky by now.

you ordered an event horse, here I am!

Meanwhile the boys are… well… boys.

Dear sweet Patticakes, even when he’s in Bitey play mode, still isn’t that rough or mean. Mostly it’s just a lot of excitement which turns into bouncing which morphs into biting. Because colt. That’s what they do. Obi is a little bit of a terror so don’t feel sorry for him, he deserves anything Patrick dishes out. Exhibit A:

He spends a lot of time with his legs somewhere on or near Chanel’s head. Which is kind of her own fault, because she hasn’t put a stop to it. The kiddo is rowdy. He’d be like the kid in the restaurant running around to other tables with one shoe on, talking to random strangers and climbing up on the seats and writing on the wall with his crayons.

hi-yah! Look at me go!
oh crap
you saw NOTHING

I think Patrick is emerging as the popular kid of the pasture, able to get along with and play with anyone. He loves to antagonize his brother, of course, but he’s still Pippa’s playmate of choice too.

Paddy. Paddy wake up. Let’s go gallop.

It’s a hard job being everybody’s friend, but somebody’s got to do it.

his face is already graying so fast

As Teddy settles in more we’ll see how the dynamic changes. I’m convinced that her mother is her favorite (and vice versa) but she’ll definitely start playing and interacting more with the other babies. It’ll be interesting to see what she really thinks of Obi. I have a feeling she won’t tolerate any of that nonsense. There’s definitely a pasture full of cuteness out there now though!

8 thoughts on “Foal Friday: And Then There Were Four

  1. I don’t know how Michelle gets anything done in her life. I’d just be watching this chaos all day every day. Everyone is adorable! Glad Percy is doing well, he seems like a tough little guy!


  2. Too cute!! Percy looks SO much like what I imagine my horse looked like as a foal- giant ears, the face marking is almost identical, even similar leg chrome. He’s adorable!


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