WW: Epic Save

And this is why you get the athletic, flexible pro rider to take the baby horse around his first BN.

I have no idea how the HELL she even stuck that. It was a hell of a spook. She’s completely defying gravity.

leave it to Presto to spook towards a jump (“it’s safer over here, there’s demons in the bushes!”)

I’ve watched it approximately 250 times and still cannot stop laughing.

11 thoughts on “WW: Epic Save

  1. I would like to know what type of glue/velcro/screws or type of welding she has on her stirrups because it doesn’t look like she lost either!


  2. I watched this so many times after you posted on FB… the music, the look on Presto’s face, the amazing save. So funny! (and impressive)


  3. I wish I was that strong! Eros got me at the TROT this winter. The TROT. I need the magic potion she uses to cling like that!
    Presto made up for his indiscretion though when he stood so nicely for her to use his head to climb back in the saddle! Haha! “Sorry trainer lady, I forgot about you for a minute…”

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  4. Presto: SUDDENLY I CAN’T!
    Megan: You can and you will.
    Presto: Oh well ok then.

    Megan jumps around KY and other big tracks so smooth, and it’s the greenie at BN that tips her out of the saddle … LOL … I think this is why some of the big-string 5* riders don’t ride the greenest horses. wahahaha

    Go Megan! 🙂


  5. I love the pre-spook he gave her. Like…something may happen, and it might happen to us. And it might happen soon. Oh! It me! It me! I did spooked at the ?*?!$%!!! Thank God, Megan is still up there…I hope my head up high on my giraffe neck for her.


  6. This is SO funny and Megan rode him great – but I’m also so impressed with little Presto! Sure, he had his wobble, but then he stopped and let Megan get back on and trotted right on like nothing ever happened. What a super baby horse with the perfect trainer for him! She was so professional – just didn’t let it bother her, didn’t get annoyed, just kept right on trucking!


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