Foal Friday: From Duo to Trio

Guess who made the transition into the big kid pasture?


Pippa and Patrick’s little friendship has now expanded by one, with Obi joining the group this week. And he was pretty excited to meet new friends.

Obi, stop being so frickin cute

Naturally, the first one to notice his presence was Pippa, and she made a beeline for him. Chanel was a little protective of Obi at first, as all mares are, not letting him wander away from her (this is the part that Peyton failed so miserably at, she never had any say over Pippa or where she wandered and she still doesn’t) and Chanel wasn’t particularly interested in letting Pippa get too close either.

HI I’m Pippa!
Oh hell no, I’ve heard about you…

Pippa isn’t one to be deterred easily though, so first she tried stalking…

not creepy at all

And when that didn’t work she decided to go the mayhem route and start galloping and bucking around the pasture, trying to lure Obi to leave his mom and join in.

a master manipulator already

While it didn’t immediately work on Obi, it did work on Patrick, who came boinging over like Tigger to join the party.

Oh, hi new friend

What Chanel failed to consider is just how annoying Obi is. See, where Pippa loves to gallop and Patticakes loves to bounce, Obi loves to CHOMP. He’s a baby shark. If it can go in his mouth, it will, and he’s very enthusiastic about it.

Poor Chanel’s ears have taken a beating these last couple weeks

Eventually Obi exceeded the limits of her patience and she let him go make friends, just so she could have some peace.

all three!

Pippa quickly got tired of him when all he wanted to do was bite her. She’s not so into that. You know who is, though? His brother Patrick. These two colts were fast friends.

The biting even morphed into mutual grooming sometimes (briefly) before returning to biting. It’s pretty cute to see the two full siblings hanging out together and making friends. They’re different in a lot of ways, but similar in others.


All in all it was a pretty seamless introduction and Obi seems happy to have some friends to play with.

By this time next week we might have FOUR babies out in the pasture together. Pony girl Teddy continues to do really well and is looking darn cute, I have to say. She’s definitely grulla and is filling out nicely.

I think she’ll be an interesting addition to the dynamic. So far she doesn’t seem as mischievous as Ollie (could the world even handle a filly version of him?) but she’s very sweet and playful.

We did have a new WTW kiddo this week with Ginger finally having her foal, but he had a rough start and there’s a bit of an ongoing saga now, so he’ll get his own post next week to explain. He seems to be doing well at the moment, knock on wood, but continued good thoughts for Percy.

Happy Friday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: From Duo to Trio

  1. Foal Fridays give me a lift each week. The cuteness is over the top. Speaking of Ollie, any chance of an update on what the fellow is up to now?

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    1. you can follow Ollie and Oakley both on Insta(I do). I cant remember what the link is will repost when i Find it! Also those babies are the CUTEST and make my Friday too!! OMG what a crop. I hope Percy starts getting better fast!! I cant wait to ‘meet’ him!

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