Bonus Bebe: Pheodora WTW

That was a big and busy weekend. Presto of course did his first event, and I have a lot to share about that (guys, we officially have ourselves an event horse!) but I also need more time to put together that recap, so for today you get the other big news that definitely cannot wait until Foal Friday: Stormie had her baby – Ollie has a sister! And omg, she was worth the wait. Say hello to Pheodora WTW aka Teddy.

if you didn’t squee then GTFO

We’re pretty sure she’s grulla (and the friend who has been breeding grullas for 30+ years says she’s a classic grulla foal), but hair is being sent off to test to make sure. She’s definitely got dun factor, that much is certain, and NO GRAY GENE!!!! Michelle actually got what she asked for, what are the odds? Well ok,12.5% was the odds for grulla with no gray and then half that for it being a filly and her odds for grulla filly were 6.25%… time to buy a lottery ticket? Maybe this makes up for both of Chanel’s foals being colts.

classic duh stripe through her tail
dun leg bars

I think she hit the absolute jackpot with this one. Teddy is very sweet and cuddly and basically wants to just sit in your lap and be petted. She’s very into people, for sure, so there are a lot of nose pics. Which is fine, because it’s a really friggin cute nose.

I’m pretty sure Michelle has met her soulmate in baby horse form and safe to say she may possibly have a favorite of the 2021 crop. Stormie really outdid herself on this one, and gave her some perfect markings to boot.

When Teddy’s not being cuddly she’s pretty darn spunky, so I think she’ll be happy to get out into a bigger turnout this week so she can fully master her legs and her speed. Time will tell if she’s quite as spunky or mischievous as Ollie was.

It’s fun to see another Usandro foal on US soil, too – I think this is his 4th now? His offspring in France continue to do really well so I think we’re all eagerly waiting on these guys to start to grow up and hit the show ring. Of course, Teddy won’t be for sale, she’ll be retained for the breeding program, but hopefully we’ll be able to get her paired up with a rider so she can compete too. So far she looks to have the best qualities from both parents so I think she might end up being a pretty fancy little sportpony.

Still waiting on Ginger (who has looked ready to foal for like a week now) plus Obi is getting ready to join Peyton and Patrick in their field, so we’ll see what else we’ve got to share by Friday. For now, hopefully this gets your week started off right!

7 thoughts on “Bonus Bebe: Pheodora WTW

  1. OMG so cute!!! And, um, I volunteer to be her rider! Except I’m not really an eventer. So I might not be the best pick, ha. But I do love the ponies!


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