Ok, that’s legit

It’s been a couple weeks since I updated on Henry! I think last we left off he was just coming back from his two week mystery lameness that I suspected was due to a bruise or abscess but never had any actual evidence to back up or confirm either guess.

those first few rides back were VERY dolphin-tastic

The farrier was coming out that week for his regular appointment, and as soon as he pulled that shoe off it was very clear what the cause was. There was a big gross currently draining abscess under the shoe near the toe. Like… absolutely oozing black stuff. Barf. Fair enough, Henry, you hadn’t been lying.

The farrier dug it out a little bit more to help it finish draining, but obviously it was not in a great spot and covering it back up with a shoe didn’t seem ideal. I needed to be able to clean the hole out and it needed to be able to continue to drain freely. The farrier pulled down an aluminum eggbar from his trailer, cut a chunk out of it where the abscess hole was, and tada!

Looks weird as hell but it’s worked like a charm. I’ve been able to easily clean out and medicate that hole, it finished draining, and now it’s filling back in nicely, which I can see for myself every day when I pick his feet. I was a little skeptical that he’d keep that shoe on, given how he likes to step on himself behind, but knock on wood it’s been okay so far. Next cycle we should be able to put a regular shoe back on, so he’s just gotta make it a few more weeks.

Henry got that shoe a few days before I left for Ocala and then once I left he ended up getting 5 days off, but he’s felt super since I’ve been back and he’s returned to normal work again.

I spotted a magnet version of Henry in the Gainesville airport

As soon as I got back from Ocala the dressage horses came back from their winter in Wellington, which… Henry took that life change about as well as he takes any other. Ie not well. For the first few days after their return he flailed around the crossties while I was tacking him up and spent the entire ride screaming bloody murder, jigging, prancing, and being far fancier than he really is. I think he was convinced that they were going to steal away his BFF Quinnie, and as soon as I took him away from her he devolved into a complete mess. Luckily that behavior has slowly eased up, and while he does still watch her while he’s in the crossties, he’s not flailing and screaming anymore. Next level needy, I swear. 14 going on 4.

Now that he’s back in action (knock on wood again) and the other horses are back, I did enter him in a couple jumper classes at a local show next weekend. If I’m remembering right I think I just picked the 3′, something relatively easy for him. I was able to jump him yesterday for the first time in like a month and he was normal Jompies Henry so hopefully it’ll just be a fun and easy day for him. The next thing I need to figure out is when we can get back out XC schooling again… it’s been far too long!

4 thoughts on “Ok, that’s legit

  1. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I’m kind of impressed that he managed to get an abscess under the shoe. Nicely done Henry.


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